Please recommend health insurance companies!

Hi, thanks for reading this post. I’m soon to be in need of health insurance and would appreciate recommendations. Just tell me who you’re with and I’ll do the legwork. Sales pitches welcome, please email policies directly to lee at kohlbradley dot me!

, please read these requirements before replying/pitching: (Mostly for people trying to sell insurance, post away if you’re just recommending your current provider :wink: )

[ol][li]I am male, 31 in Dec 2013, no pre-existing.[/li]
[li]Must cover all medical, accident and any other health related thing. Dental and vision not needed.[/li]
[li]I need EX-USA with coverage for short trips (7-15 days).[/li]
[li]I am not working/studying in Taiwan so I have no ARC no APRT and no Taiwan NHI.[/li]
[li]I am from Quebec, Canada so no World Nomads, Chartis, etc.[/li]
[li]I will not buy any policy with exclusions for rock climbing or low-altitude mountain climbing/treking. IE no Viator Expat.[/li][/ol]

Thanks so much, hope I can get this sorted before my current policy runs dry in Sept.


I’d recommend getting a token job here and an ARC. Your life will be easier if you plan to stay here. All people here must participate in national health care. The coverage is quite good. I don’t see a problem for accident you would incur with your hobbies. (Basic Broken Bones and whatnot). What I have here for my family and me is Supplemental Health Care. The national healthcare pays most of your costs with a small co-pay. Then I would get a report about the injury and illness from the doctors. I would submit this to my insurance company and I would get a check for an amount. Now this money is yours to do with as you wish.

This money comes in very handy because in Taiwan, nursing care does not include meals, washing, feeding or even changing the pee bag. One member of your family is going to have to camp beside you and stay with you 24/7 to do all the basic chores that must be done. Or you can hire an aid to help you, but you better have a command of the language. I’m sure there may be VIP service but as a resident with a Taiwanese family, I must live in this world. I’ll try to find out what company I use. The wife handles that part. Good luck…

A token job? Had one of those for 2 years, kind of a pain.

Otherwise appreciate your input! Let me know if you get the name of the company/agent.

Why do insurance companies rank among the richest companies in the world? You gamble that you will have an accident and they gamble that you won’t. I think the odds are in your favor.
Even if you don’t have NHI coverage, the bills are a hell of a lot less than elsewhere. I really doubt you will find a health insurance company in Taiwan. Why would there be one? The folks that need that kind of coverage are very few.
BTW, for those of you with NHI, if you go abroad and have to have medical attention, save your receipts and turn them in at NHI for a refund. (Last I heard)

I’m not looking for a Taiwanese company (necessarily), hence my posting here in foreignermosa. :smiley:

They do have health insurance in Taiwan but it’s to cover what NHI doesn’t, because NHI is mandatory and very good benefit so few people choose not to pay (unlike that social security thing).

I don’t know what’s there for those who can’t have NHI but stays here as a tourist.

Thanks, been in TW >5 years so I’m pretty familiar with what’s available/not available. :slight_smile:


Anyone else have a recommendation to help me out? Still looking! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Have you found one?

I am currently looking for health insurance to complement NHI as well.

What type of insurances are you looking for? I am a local insurance agent working for the second largest insurance company here in Taiwan. I am glad to be at your service.