Please recommend schools that hire ABCs

I am very interested in a teaching career. I read through all the major posts using the search function regarding ABCs teaching in Taiwan. I have concluded that Hess and Kojen are schools that usually hire ABCs. Can someone recommend other schools that usually hire ABCs? I want to apply to as many schools as possible but I don’t know any other schools in TW that I can apply to, especially schools that hire ABCs.

So if you can list schools that hire ABCs or schools that never hire ABCs, that would be great. I look forward to all of your responses and hope to meet some of you in Taiwan in the future. Please give me the names or websites of schools that usually hire ABCs, so I can start applying as soon as possible.

I prefer to teach in taipei and start in June. Thanks for all your help. I have learned a tremendous amount from using the search and everyone here is very helpful. Thanks again.

I know ABC teachers who work for HESS, Shane and Gloria. I get the impression that the bigger chains of schools will all take ABC teachers. I don’t think you should have any problems, although you should definitely fix yourself up with a position before coming.

Happy Kids at Hsin-Yi and Dunhua S. in Taipei hires many ABC’s and even some native born Taiwanese. A reputable school with fantastic administration (

I know ABC’s at Happy Marian and TLI.

Global Village hires ABC’s and ABT’s. Good luck!