Please Stop Putting Garlic in Your Vaginas, OB/GYN Begs


It’s only ok if everyone else at dinner is having garlic.

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I hear garlic is good for masking fishy flavors.


As far as edible items go, a soak in the tub with a cup of ACV in the water is okay. Beyond that, don’t feed the bear.




:bear: You can feed this bear anytime you like :paw_prints:




Lots of old wives tales about home remedies for yeast infections. Peeled garlic clove on a string is one of em.

None of them work, of course.

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I’ve entered into Gwyneth Paltrow zone. Will I ever be the same again?


Sure. All you need is a good organic Ayurvedic colonic detox.


Lets hear from the taiwanese buddhists about vaginal garlic rubs before passinf judgement. Curious about their take on the scope of desire in this manner.


My family here looks at me funny for even eating garlic.


Does this advice apply to males too?