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台北市松江路237號B1 (佳佳保齡球館&#26049

Where is this ?

Songjiang Road, #237, B1 (Next to the Jia-Jia Bowling alley)

Maoman beat me to it. I’ll just add that Songjiang Rd. has various mystery spellings, “Sungkiang” being perhaps the most common. I would guess that this is around the corner of Songjiang and Minquan.

If it’s the one I’ve seen I think it’s near the Xingtian Temple, south of Nanjing. But it was years ago that I was there so I may be wrong.

That is the address to ‘Deep’ (the club), I guess. To get to Songjiang Rd, drive Nth along Xin Sheng Sth Rd and as you go over the overpass it mysteriously transforms into Song Jiang Rd right beneath your wheels! Amd yes, I think it is right near the corner of Minquan.


How ‘fik’ am I ? This is 2 minutes walk from my house !!

Have you been there ?
It’s real nice inside - Looks smart, there was a foreign DJ when I was there playing Uplifting UK Glitterball Trance … nice oooooold mem’s from days way back … the place was just too empty. Then again, it was the third week after it opened …


Originally posted by NrG: 台北市松江路237號B1 (佳佳保齡球館&#26049 [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Where is this ?

Isn’t that the corner of Song Jiang Rd. and Min Sheng East Rd. (i.e., one major intersection south of Song Jiang and Min Quan)?

No - on the corner is Hsintien Temple … just walk a few minutes South on Sonjiang Would be on your left then

My reports tell me that it is a good place, but not one where you would want to be when the piss-police come with their cups, if you catch my drift.

Yeah … dunno of the pigs have been there yet … anyone ?

The night i went was the party fo some DJ friends of ours (Raver, Reason, Nat, Jocy, Pip - they’re playing tonight at 2F) they play different styles, but all good. I had a great time becuase we got to use one of those VIP ‘gangster lounges’ so I got to mix with the beautiful people and pretend I was cool. Everyone said it was ‘safe’ that night for some reason and people were popping pills and doing K pretty openly.


Gettin messy eh ?