Please vote for Dave - TV Host

Hi all,

My name is David, long time Forumosan. I’m applying for this TV host position in Australia for this internet TV program in Australia called ‘Morning Live’. Its basically like morning news but streamed live through the internet. They require applicants to submit a 1min video and rely on viewer numbers to determine if the applicant can progress to the ‘2nd round’ (interviews, camera test etc).

Anyway, it’d be great if you can check out my video. … annel_page

And if you like it, please vote for me by filling out your name and email on:

I’m a medical research scientist by profession by I’ve always wanted to have a good crack in the TV/film industry. Realistically this is a long shot but with your support (and many of your friends and their friends) I have confidence I’ll be in the mix.

Thanks in advance


I voted for you, Dave. Now, will you be my new avatar? :howyoudoin:

For you my dear, anything :slight_smile:

Thank you so much