Pleco oxford dictionary question

Is there any voice type feature in the oxford dictionary or is it possible for some external application to pronounce dictionary entries?

As far as I know, no voice feature is included.

No, Oxford cannot pronounce entries. I don’t think this is on the feature list for the new version either.

I tried another Chinese dictionary for the Palm that did have this feature, but the pronunciation was completely unintelligable, even using headphones. I did try out the hardware Oxford Chinese Dictionary and the speaking feature on that was adequate if a little hard to hear.

Since pleco is out of the question does anyone know of any good talking dictionaries that run on either palm or pocket pc? I am trying to find one that can match one of the ectaco/besta/instant-dict electronic dictionaries, but if I can’t find one I’m going the electronic dictionary root. I was just hoping there was such a thing so that I could also be able to use a pda for other functions other than dictionary lookups.