Plug for Camera Repair Shop

Just got my trusty 20±year-old Nikon FM back from the repair store. My god! NT$3,000 and the thing looks brand new again. Everthing is tight, smooth, clean and bright and believe me, this camera was a MESS! Loose back, missing screws, damaged shutter mechanism, light leaks, mildew, you name it. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.
Its at No. 60 Boai Rd., on the corner of Boai Rd. and Hankou St. Tel: 2381-1412.

Do you want a Nikon F60 ? I’m thinking of selling mine. Mint condition. Though if you want I can kick the crap out of it first :wink:

I haven’t seen an FM since I was in short trousers (last week). I did see an 8mm camera and projector in a shop near Ding Tai Feng - Eastman Kodak - not too expensive…

I’m taking my Nikon EM down tonight. I just hope that place is still there.

My Canon F1 is going in on Thursday in search of a replaceable/repairable IC board…

Just called them…Still there.

Yeah! they fixed mine for 800 bucks. They didn’t do any extra cleaning or anything but I didn’t ask them to. Have to try it out this weekend.