Plug-ins for your movies

Since being back in J-school, I’ve been able to renew my love for editing video. I’ve been currently editing alot of video for a newspaper and now for family videos (oh god those are the worse.) So to make the family videos more interesting (read:like a story rather than random clips of people doing stupid stuff and saying stupid stuff) I’ve searched the web and found a few plug-ins.

I’ve been using AVID alot, but fallen in love with Final Cut Pro (I’m a Mac owner, so why should that be any suprise?!?!?!) IMovie HD I found out can do some cool stuff but I haven’t used it as much. IMovie 08 just plan sucks.

So here are some plug-ins I’ve found to be useful to doing video on the fly or for serious use.

Star Wars Oh this is great. You can create your own film logo, and then the text crawl that made Star Wars famous. Caution–Save the program to your HD then save the title to a external HD.

Miyu subtitles I used this briefly to make an short video. It works well but I know there’s better to be found on Apple’s download page, but those are demos.

Flash Video Downloader This has worked really well for me but if you use it and want to put video on your IPod, you’ll need to transcode it with a program like MPEG Streamclip. But if you want to turn a video from MPEG-2 to another file, make sure you have the codec or Quicktime Pro to do it or MPEG Streamclip won’t do it. I’ve also used ISquint but it has time limits. There’s also Video Converter for Mac which works really well in making .mov files but it also has a time limit on it.

So, post your favorite plug-ins for video or audio.