Plumber price?

Hey, just had a plumber here for literally 5min to fix an easy clog, charged 1500nt. He was here 1 week ago, also a 5min easy job, charged 1500nt also.

It this an acceptable price?

And what do you think about it clogging again within 1 week of declogging previously? Toilet was used maybe 2 or 3 times during the week, and had 0 issues in the past 5 yrs, just this 1 week


Sounds really high to me. Not sure why a toilet would start to clog like that.

First time was cos someone used thick paper towel type tissues. Understandable, he removed at least part of that. 2nd time was just a standard clump of toilet paper which has caused 0 issues in 5yrs.

1500nt is like usa prices right? Conned.

USA you’d pay more to get a plumber to walk through the door.

Sounds like he didn’t get the first clog fully?

1500nt for a quick plumbing job is a scam. When we installed the water engine in our new apartment (had underground water in origin) it took 2 weeks and many hours of work, and we payed 2000nt to the plumber in addition to the materials cost. We’re talking about a guy who set up 50+meters of water pipes around a building, from the ground to the third floor and then installed the engine on the ground.

Damn man… i was yelling on the street at my girlfriend in front of the plumber, I heavily suspected he was conning us. I was ready to smack him while she was so eager to hand out 1500nt… dunno wtf she was thinking today, she’s usually sharp as hell.

What would be a common price like 600nt and under?

The guy made 100usd for 10min worth of work lol, even the bonecracker we go to doesn’t make that much and he’s fully booked all the time.

I live in Yilan and things here are on the cheaper side. No idea about how much it would cost somewhere else, but definitely not that much.

I paid more than this in Hsinchu. But I do line in the country side [Which is ‘far’]. But, yes, electricians, plumbers and technicians are not cheap.

Paying professionals to come and unblock your toilet … how posh is that?

You could go and buy a toilet snake for NT$100 and ask the butler to do it next time.

[quote=“monkey”]Paying professionals to come and unblock your toilet … how posh is that?

You could go and buy a toilet snake for NT$100 and ask the butler to do it next time.[/quote]

Or just order a PushOver Plunge!

Seems a bit on the high side, but prices for the trades are definitely a LOT more expensive than they used to be. I think they’ve started to realise what they’ve known for a long time in The West: people don’t want to unblock their own toilets. Just getting someone to turn up is at least 500NT, plus whatever on top of that.

If you live on a second floor, because of the “design” of pipes -only first floor have independent “out”- then the toilet and other critical areas will clog frequently, most often not by your own fault.

Not 1 problem in 5 yrs. Then it blocks again after this schmuck cleans it less than a week ago less than 3 uses total. Live in the center of town.

Fucking scammed!

(tried to unclog with home snake thing from hardware shop… didn’t work it just doesn’t bend properly, 4th floor)