Ok,Plush is apparently a new bar up on top of the Living Mall. Anyone know or been to this place? Wondering what the scene is like, if there is a cover, how much the latter may be, and the spread of cocktails, beverages, beers, you name it. Also wondered whether this place offered dancing or just the bar standard.

Let me know the likes and dislikes of this joint too, if you have that to offer.


Yep, Plush seems to be the place for scenesters these days. I like it on the weekdays, but for weekends, it gets a little bit much. Cover is $600NT and gets you a drink (I think only one). The music there tends to be more along the lines of hip hop than electronic, but it depends a little on the DJ. They’ve got a full bar and prices are standard for that kind of place, which is to say, expensive. I guess it depends on what you like. I always liked OD, but Room 18 (OD’s present incarnation) never did it for me. On weekdays you can get a table and actually talk to the people you’re with. On weekends, it gets pretty packed. You can usually glimpse one of Taiwan’s many local “celebrities” there too, if that turns your crank. There’s also a vip lounge off to the side, but that’ll set you back at least $10k a table. Or is it $12K? - I forget. The place is well-designed though. Along with the Cinemark theatres, it’s probably the best thing about the Living Hell Mall.

Anyone been to the place next door to plush? I heard they dish out free bubbly on a Tuesday night to chicks if they wear outrageously short skirts. Sounds like my kind of place!

Plush is closing!
Tonight is your last night to go there.
I think it’s free entrance, but I’m not sure.