PM Yourself!

I was feeling really lonely and needy so I PMed myself! It’s heartwarming and insightful to get a PM from someone you truly love. It’s humbling too. You realize how bad your grammar and spelling is. I sincerely recommend this mundane, cathartic therapy as a cure for the Sunday/Monday blues! Spread the love!

I sent myself a dirty PM. I felt offended. I’m going to have to report myself to Maoman.

You’re definitely going to get suspended. But didn’t it feel so damn good, though? Throw caution to the wind. Live a little.

You’re definitely going to get suspended. But didn’t it feel so damn good, though? Throw caution to the wind. Live a little.[/quote]Maoman says they can’t control PMs because they’re private. Had I posted it to myself in public, I would undoubtably be banned. Where’s the justice in that?

Get with the program, Matthew. Just because Mr Maoman can’t ban you, doesn’t mean you can’t BAN YOURSELF! Just send yourself a PM stating that your contribution on the PM forum is tasteless and obscene and you are henceforth banned from sending yourself any more private messages. Imagine the possibilities. You can send yourself a whole pile of angry PMs complaining and whining about the injustice of it all.

Just sent a PM chastising myself for posting too often and drinking too much. I have doubts about it’s efficacy, though. I have never been one to heed good advice.

You should get yourself a blog. You can have a whole site dedicated to personal vanity and waffling about your own minutiae. It also has the adding extra that your mother (or whoever) won’t read it when you die, unlike paper journals.

Jeeziz, Buttercup! If you are so riddled with ISSUES, just send a gentle reminder to yourself. Stop being antagonistic towards people who are such LOSERS that they need confirmation from themselves. If you continue with this line of reasoning, I’m going to have to suspend you from the PM forum for two weeks. Take a break with Mr Fluffy and come back when you are contrite enough.

HAY, I wasn’t being antagonistic! Sorry, I guess that looked like I was calling your stuff minutiae. I was talking about the Me-fest that is my blog.

Ok. You are hereby banned from the PM forum for not being narcissistic enough.

Dear Mr Maoman: can I get a blue name thingie for being the moderator of the PM forum?

That can really hurt a man’s pride. My neighbour stuffed a sock down his swimming trunks at the swimming pool for years after having that very insult tossed at him.

That can really hurt a man’s pride. [/quote]

Yeah, I know. :cactus:

Mr Sandman, consider your access to the PM forum deactivated for two weeks. Your foul words to yourself lower the bar of what we expect from productive posters. You can join Ms Buttercup in the sin bin and if you get cheeky you will be forever banned from PMing yourself.
Jimipresley (Moderator of the PM forum).

sandman not ‘PM’ himself? The very idea!

Can I be deputy mod?

Hey, get in line! Even I don’t have one, and I mod four forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ach, we don’t need no stinking badges. It’s not like we’d know who was doing what or could avoid 'em or anything.

Unmodded or unPMed!

[quote=“Buttercup”]Ach, we don’t need no stinking badges.[/quote]I do, I want to feel special.

Have you tried silk underwear?