Poagao's photography at Bobwundaye

The folks at Bobwundayewere nice enough to let me post some of my photos that I had printed out and framed at their establishment. We’re having a little get-together there this Saturday (10/27) evening at around 8pm if you’d like to come have a gander (and maybe a drink or two).

I have to say, that’s not one of your best ones, Paogao. Bit too contrasty for my liking.

Really? I find the subtle interplay of graphic elements juxtaposed with nuanced use of color, tone and typography fascinating. It is neither over-referential nor self-unaware. A blithe comment humanity’s quest for reason over the cognitive dissonance in our post-industrial society.

Well done. I can’t make it this weekend, but I’d love the chance to see your work in print. How long will they be up?

Until people get bored with them and/or I find another place to show 'em, I guess.

Thanks to everyone who came, and for those who didn’t, you missed out on some nice MBR jammin’.

It was a really fun evening and a wonderful bunch of people turned up. Poagao’s photos look great. If you come by to see them, ask the bartender to turn the dimmers on that wall brighter so you can have a good look. And the MBRs sound better and better. Everyone should be sure to catch their album release party next at huashan next weekend. (See separate thread on this.)

Oh, that sounds cool. Sorry we missed it! :frowning: