Pocket notebook with binder pen/pencil?

I really want a notebook I can keep in my pocket, but I want one that has a mini pen or pencil in the binder or in some other way secreted about the book. I’ve never seen them in Taiwan though - have you? If so, where?

Thank you!

You’re finally going hi-tech and dumping that chalk and slate?

Order online:
I was thinking of getting one of these. Want me to add yours to the order? I can pick it up in the US and save you a lot shipping costs.

Hey, DB, I can’t open that link, but if it’s what I’m looking for, could you pick up three for me? We can settle up at the next HH or whenever.

I’ll still try to find them locally, so if anyone’s seen them, please let me know, but I definitely would appreciate you grabbing me some, DB - thank you.

Ok, see my PM.

Make a hipster PDA and make your own pen holder thingy. You can also download and print forms for just about any function you want on the pages. But the 3x5 cards with the holes at the top and slip some binder rings around it. Laminate the front and back covers. Works great.

I bought a bunch of supplies cheap and one of my classes made one each. They really like it as well.