Pocket PC software

I know this has probably been covered before put I’ve tried searching and had no luck.

I’ve just bought a new pocket PC and want to use it to help me learn Chinese but not sure which software to get. I know truant uses a program called Declan’s but I car’t seem to download that. Previously, I used supermemo with Miltownkids databases, but that was for palm and I’m not sure it I can use the same on pocket PC.

Does anyone have info or alternate suggestions? J -.


Its the best eh.

Does someone have a “full” (non-demo) version of this PlecoDict at www.pleco.com?

I do now. I have the complete version with all the dictionaries. The best feature is the handwriting recognition that allows me to look up characters simply by copying them down on my PDA. Neato.

Sounds good… Does it easily recognize the characters you write on it? Even if you write slow, it has no problem with that? Is the software easy to navigate and has it got a good screen layout?

I might consider buying a PDA. If you could recommend a brand and or model… not to expensive of course.

Do you use PalmOS?

Yes, I use Palm OS. I’m not sure that Pleco supports other operating systems, so I was careful to make sure I got the Palm.

As for recognition, it seems to work well enough. As long as you write something that resembles the character you are looking up, the program will display characters that most closely resemble what you wrote. You then simply select the correct one and it will display pinyin pronunciation and a translation for the word. I haven’t used the program extensively yet (I’m out of country on a vacation), but so far it looks easy to use.

As for models, I’m no expert. I just have a PalmOne Tungsten E2. Seems to have all I want. I wonder if I should have spent a bit more for wifi…

I think I heard that Pleco put out a PocketPC version recently.

Well I heard that the lookup is slow with PlecoDict. Is it true? I think 3 seconds is slow but still allowable, is it like this? (depends on the CPU speed also, of course).

Tungsten E2 seems like a good choice. I have spent 1 or 2 hours online for PDAs which are suitable. E2 is nice. 320x320 screen is advised although 160x160 would also work.

Not sure if I want to buy it now. The dictionary is also not that cheap. May I enquire what you paid for your Tungsten E2? (In Taiwan?)