Poignant Scenes from Taiwan

[quote=“Poagao”]A pen full of cute little piglets, playing around. All infected with foot and mouth disease. All to be slaughtered.

I’d been killing mature infected pigs all day and wanted a break, so the sergeant in charge sent me over there “for a change of pace”.

“That’s ok,” I said, and went back.[/quote]

Did you eat bacon and/or ham afterwards to cool down?

Watching our local Tainan Old Boys rugby side playing the Cheng Da team for practice this afternoon. On our side we have an old bloke who used to play for Taiwan back in the day, but he’s deep in his eighties now. He still comes out every Sunday and sometimes goes on for a bit. He wears jeans, a rugby jersey and his boots, but because of his advanced age we don’t tackle him.
It brought a smile to my face to see him out there today, get the ball, totter on for a few meters and pass to a younger man bulging with youthful muscles and the sweat of his exertions.

The lonely old mainlander veteran that treats me like his grandson every time I go back to Halo Market in Zuoying, Kaohsiung, buying me a plate of Beijing roast duck from the mom and pop stall that employ him to do odd jobs (He prefers to be employed rather than accept the charity of the merchants at the fresh food market). I invite him to share the meal together, but he declines because it is too oily for him and prefers a chat/lecture as I eat before him.