Poisonous Food and Environmental Pollution


It is for those who truly care about Taiwan and wish to make it a better place for long-term living.
We have complaints about the questionable elements in food despite the condition here is far less horrible than China, as well as the polluted emission. Yes, still, better than China.

Why not make it even better?!
Don’t you think Taiwan people, visitors in Taiwan, all deserve better?!

According to the law in Taiwan, the defendants are presumed as innocent before sentences. However, in the case of public safety like food hygiene, the international custom is presumption to guilt before sentences. That is why Taiwan’s corrupted entrepreneurs can get away with using problematic elements in their merchandise because we don’t make our laws according to the international standards. Are you sick of privileged people exploiting your benefits? Time to remake the laws!

The problem is with the Constitutional laws, which aren’t designed according to international customs. Do you wanna change it? Tired of taking shits?

Let’s do it. or figure out ways to do it!


Well, you’ve got Tsai Ing-wen (and previously, Ma Ying-jeou) down on hands-and-knees begging the USA to allow Taiwan to join the TPP, even though one of the things it would do is lower food safety standards. But hey, there is an upside to adding ractopamine and more hydrogenated vegetable oil to the menu - it should help solve the problem of paying unaffordable pensions to the elderly.

As they say, every cloud has its silver lining.