Pokemon Go gameplay


U guys catch anything w event


Caught a couple Snorlaxes… Still no Lapras, just my luck I guess.


Hansioux where ? All the snorlaxes around me have left


Once I walked out a restaurant, and one just showed up on tracker. I walked around the block and found it.

Another time was earlier this week, when Jaybo was temporarily fixed, and I saw an alert saying one was 2 blocks from me.

I only have 16 Snorlaxes so far though. My original goal of playing the game was to fill all my Pokemon storage up with nothing but Snorlaxes.


What district of taiwan ?


Downtown Hsinchu. I think the key is still the radar. It stopped working yesterday. Hard to find rare pokemons without it.


Damn…hsinchu, okay. Guess thats where they moved


Plenty of Snorlaxes yesterday around New Taipei City. A couple of them showed up in Muzha, Neihu, Changan West Road, and Xinyi. I guess it’s just more spread out these days.


No more tracker means i cant look at the maps


I just got back from a trip back to my home state of NY. I stayed at Long Island and traveled to Manhattan every day for 10 days and must have caught about 300 mons! Best part was in LI there were lapras popping up every other evening! And I got enough Tauros to share with yall if the option ever becomes available.

For a few days, I had an app update with the radar or tracking. It showed where the pokemon was on the map. It was awesome for the rare mons, but made the game way too easy.


https://pkget.com/ was working fine yesterday afternoon.

Saw two Snorlax within an hour on pkget. One in Xinyi and another near Zhongshan MRT station, yesterday.

I confirming two nests:

  • Abra @ Youth Park (WanHua, Taipei)
  • Growlithe @ Rong Xing Park (Minshen and JianGuo Rd Intersection, Taipei)


Nest migration


Any1 go to japan


Subconsciously turned on the game, and caught two Chanseys at work…


ok, now you can catch Ditto, but it will show up as random pokemons until it’s been captured.


Already caught like 6 dittos


got 2 of them yesterday.


How much have u guys leveled up


I’m on at lv27. Co-worker stopped playing after Halloween and he was already at lv. 33.


Hansiou, was this the coworker that had lotsa snorlax and dragonites