Pokemon Go gameplay


Still do not have one of these. Hoping I have a lucky weekend!


Is it just me or no matter what the CP is, starting Pokemon, especially Bulbasaur, are impossible to catch?

I swear I wasted 20 Pokeballs and like 10 great balls on a 400ish CP Bulbasuar and it ran away.


They are. They also have terrible CP. Pokeballs just won’t cut it, and must feed them loads of berries.


For what I experienced, they are harder, but not impossible. I got a couple of Bulbasaurs already, as well as Squirtles.
Some of them will show up on eggs, too.


Go to xinyi area near Vieshow, I caught about 5-6 Bulbasaur with just berry and pokeball, although their CP was less than desirable.


I’m not on the hunt for Bulbasaur, it was just an observation I made in the past two days, but thanks for the heads up. I thought the Vieshow area was an Eevee nest? I didn’t run into many Bulbasaur the last time I was there. They seem to be pretty common.



Bulbasaurs are so easy to catch. Each bulbasaur gets a razzberry and ultraball. They stay in most of the time. I got 276 candies just from sitting at vieshow a couple of times.


That’s at least 70 ultraballs, if you transfered immediately, and 138 ultraballs if you kept all of them… that’s a lot of ultraballs, not to mention berries.


Ultraball? On a Bulbasaur? I mean, I’d be doing that sequence if it was a Charmander…but ultra ball? Bulbasaur?

And blurring out the name of your Venasaur is because…you named your Venasaur as your bank card number and pin code? Good way to not ever forget those two very important numbers.


I always have 100 ultraballs. I swipe everywhere. My bus route to work has 30 stops for me to swipe that are spaced far enough.

I wanted to stay anonymous. Sorry?


I have 30… Still trying to get my backpack upgraded without paying for pikachu coins.


Did you use a lot? I never paid any money for pikachu coins. I spin stops basically 24/7. I got 3 accessible stops inside my house. And i never see anything good to warrant an ultra ball besides bulbasaurs. My snorlaxes only took like 3 ultras each


I think they should put Ingress’ field game play back in. If you have a Psychic type pokemon defending two gyms, then you can link those two gyms up. When 3 links forms a field, players from other team under the same field will experience a higher rate of pokemon escaping on them.

My original thought is to have the other teams’ tracker disabled, but since everyone’s using Go Radar to locate rare pokemon anyway, it might be a moot game mechanics. To have them unable to capture pokemon seems severe. So maybe a higher escape rate would be enough.

That might prompt a higher level of team play. As teams have to consider how to stack up their gyms and place a high CP psychic type, which is pretty useless right now, on the gym to maintain the field as long as possible.


Weren’t you saying that the game is still being developed? Something has to be brewing at Niantic. The game has been out for almost 1.5 months and you have to assume people in the states are catching all the locally available Pokemon by now.

We need PvP and to allow more abilities per Pokemon, to make PvP more interesting.

I’m kind of hitting a turning point in the game on whether I want to continue or stop playing. I’m not less motivated to go out and walk circles around my local exp farming spot. It gives me good exercise on days when I’m not cycling, but it seems I need to go out of my way to Pokemon nests to farm EXP and candies in order to evolve rarer Pokemon.


PvP seems like a no brainer, I wonder what the hold up is. I was biking last night pass a popular pokegym and saw 4-5 people tapping away at their phone. They were standing at each corner of the park. I wonder how the dynamics will change if/when PvP becomes available.


But thats like the point. Rare pokemon should be rare and not be near most people


they are putting a system for us to have a pokemon travel with us Pikachu style.


Walk your Pokemon = increase in CP?

Yes please.


Ranlee, you were close. Looks like walking a pokemon will yield candy.


edit: damn it, should have read the post earlier from Hans. My bad.


my first dragonite