Pokemon Go gameplay


Lucky lucky.

My first and only Dragonite was CP47. Pretty much just for the PokeDex.



My 500th pidgey



This just made my day.


There’s a notification app (possibly only in Mandarin) called Jaybo, available on both android and iOS, that allows you to receive rare pokemon alert in your area. The alert also has a one-click to navigation link. So for those looking to catch rare pokemons, all you really have to learn is 卡比獸 (Snorlax), 快龍 (Dragonite), 乘龍 (Lapras)…

I just learned of the app today.


Dont see it in the ios app store


Link to IOS


That doesnt look like a pokemon app


It’s not a pokemon go specific app, it’s a notification app. One of it’s notification channels sends out rare pokemon info by region. So say if you are in New Taipei City, you can select whether you want to receive notice for a rare pokemon in Zhonghe or Yonghe.


Oh i was kind of worried about downloading malware, ok thanks


I think it’s similar to that telegram bot that sends out pokemon alerts, but that bot doesn’t send notification for Taiwan…


My friend over in HK is using telegram.

Also has his phone on the entire time during work hours.

Runs after rares.

He’s also telling me to check every single one of my Magikarp IV’s since I’m nearing 400 candies.

Not sure if I should fly over for an intervention or not.



“This is an intervention…”


Thats how you get the rares with good ivs and good cp.


Saw a Snorlax Jaybo notice during lunch, went after it and

So it works.


How did you navigate the chinese app?


Shouldn’t be a problem for Hansioux :slight_smile: Or many here, indeed


I am slowly losing faith in this game:

  • I finally had enough magikarp candies, evolved and ended up with a below 200CP gyrados. Not sure if my IV check was wrong, but… :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

  • I was in Banqiao yesterday for brunch with the gf and heard good things people making good catches on bus 307. We took it from Banqiao to Song Shan, lots of Pokestops, but rarest thing I caught was in Taipei when the bus passed my office.

  • Hunted down a Electobuzz near Miramar, disappeared while I was chasing it. Went to dinner and figured it would reappear after dinner. Nope…never came back.

What have I done to deserve such smite.


Huh, did you evolve a cp10 magiksrp to get a cp200 Gyarados?
The game still has a good amount of people playing