Pokemon Go gameplay


I’m guessing we won’t need that screen shot at 11:52PM anymore @Firehopper50

It’s your means to prove others wrong, is what makes it competitive. In other words, you wanting to best another via the knowledge you possess. Can that not be competitive?

@hansioux Gf used this radar before, it seemed a little inaccurate. Awhile ago, it showed 3 snorlax spawns at the different corners of Guang Fu and Xin Yi Road in Taipei. That’s kind of hard to believe.


I guess you can say that but i have nothing to gain from competing with you, it just makes me look like a douchebag/asshole to everyone…

Yea no need for screenshot at 11:52 anymore.


the website and many other pokemon radars were under attack a while ago.


Do u know by who and do u have an article? I wanna read about ir



not sure by whom, but fake pokemons reports in Taiwan were probably generated by some Taiwanese hacker.

they used pokemons to write on the map.


Yea my friend taxied to a fake one


my kiddo already abandoned this Pokemon game, however some fellow “old :grin:friends” still hooked on this trend.


I can see immobility could be a reason why young kids could get detached from the game. They can’t get around on their own except for mass transportation, mom n pop don’t have all the time in the world to scooter them about and taxi rides could add up.


Hi Ranlee,

Kiddo say too mafan need to go out just to find that thing.
He also added not safe to walk around and he might hit something or motorbike might hit him. So he prefer playing the other pc games.

For me no time to play the latest trend…
Except if i’m bit bored I was playing candy crush.


that sounds like they are just lazy. If they are motivated enough they will run. I’ve run for 6 snorlaxes so far. No taxi. No scooter. No bike or ubike.


Is it true they are shutting sown beitou stops in october


They should move the spawn site to the river side parks. Although this week I saw a drastic decline in people playing the game. Even with the new update and the buddy system I doubt people will come back to the game if gym battle remains in its current state.


You know, I have to say the popular spots in Taipei (at least Song Shan and Xin Yi districts) I’ve definitely seen a decline in people playing.

Yesterday, I had an afternoon to kill so I went around New Taipei City. to the Magnemite spawn, at 928 Memorial Park in Yong He and the Xin Zhuang Baseball Stadium, the Abra spawn.

The game is still going strong! At least in those two places they are!

The buddy Pokemon system has been announced by Niantic. I assume Taiwan will get the update within a day or two since it was announced last week.



Yea they need to update the battle system so that a player can power up their pokemon and have that pokemon hold gyms. I dont like this massive turnover rate.



They’ve fixed it


Yea. Just caught my 8th snorlax w the radars help


Yup, it was down all day yesterday.

I’m assuming, not enough funds to keep it going.


Looks down again


Buddy update is out


After realizing that it’d take me a year and a half to have enough candies for a Charizard of 900CP. I went with Growlithe.