Pokemon Go gameplay


I thought it’s based on how far you travel?


Yes, it’s the same system as the 2/5/10km eggs. If the Pokemon is in the 2km category, it’s 1 candy per 2km walked.

Since I don’t take mass transportation on a daily basis, it’ll be a tough one to gather enough candies for a Charmander --> Charizard.

However, once winter rolls around, that’ll change. Too cold and wet to scooter commute.


Anyone have pogo plus? How is it?


Don’t have it myself, but judging on what’s said on the internet, the thing lights up and vibrate when a pokemon or a pokestop is in range, and when you press a button it automatically spins the pokestop and even catches the pokemon for you. It’s useful when leveling up, not useful when trying to catch rare pokemons.


Just read that it will light up yellow for when u meet a new pokemon so that u can know to take out phone and ultra ball it


Does PokeGo+ require you to have the game running on your phone?

I don’t completely disagree with it’s purpose, it does lower the time that one is head down and staring at their phone.

However, just seems a little excessive with the current state of the game.


Lols its funny seeing the markups on ebay because of it being sold out


I like this game very much. The problem with this game that I found is that it is not available globally and everywhere on the globe.
I recently heard a news related to Pokemon game that some guys had modified the apk files and installedbackdoor in pokemon
Th next one is an app which will help Pokemon players to share tips related to playing.


Huh is this spam? Its available in taiwan and hk and japan


There’s reasons as to why it’s not available everywhere. We will never really know the exactly why.

However, let’s be honest, if you’re going on vacation from Taiwan to somewhere in Europe, you should probably sort out your priorities if the main reason for you to travel abroad is to catch Pokemon.


Just catch Mr. Mime on the first day, then you can put the phone away.


U guys still playing? How did the nest spawn affect u guys


There’s still some Pokemon that I haven’t caught yet. So I’m still on the hunt and also grinding on days I don’t exercise to get higher CP evolution Pokemon for gym battling.

It seems the migration has increase Charmander spawns all throughout the city. A Drowsee spawn is right outside my house, so I’m well on my way to a Hypno.

Overall, I like the change, but I’m still waiting for PvP/trading/legendary Pokemon releases.


Lols drowzees so rare in taipei


No nests, but he used to appear often at the Song Shan cultural park, that’s where I caught my first one.

The spawn right outside my house has gotten people pulling up in cars, bikes and scooters. Solid evidence to your statement of how rare it can be!


I still have to find me a Chancey and a Lapras. I don’t see a lot of Charmanders, but I’ll get a Charizard eventually through the new buddy system.

One thing I don’t like about the new spawn sites is that they are increasingly placed in tiny hard to access dead end alleyways.


Tell me about it. Yesterday at Beitou, a Dragonite spawned in a tiny road. Fastest way was via a staircase that eventually was only wide enough for 1 person. The stench of B.O. during that staircase climb was…oh so bad.

How do you get a Charmander through the buddy system if you don’t have a Charmander? Hacks? Show me your ways.


Chancey has spawned twice at warner village so far. Today was the second time


I meant getting a Charizard. I got 4 or 5 Charmanders so far, some are hatched some not. I wasted 25 Charmander candies before they gave us in-game IV analysis. Otherwise I would just need 30 more to get a Charizard.


I was at 228 Park yesterday evening near the museum, and literally everyone who had their phones out was playing Pokemon. Without exception.