Pokemon Go gameplay


You’re right, I don’t have a lot of things, including Lin Chi-ling as my homegirl.

However, I would barely label it as complaining. Just starting to start a discussion. No need to get hostile.


Sorry but im on reddit pokemongo and all i hear is whining and i cant stand hearing someone complain about niantic giving us an event and another person complaining. If you dont have a 95+ iv gengar with best moveset i dont think people should be complaining or bored


Niantic does.


Meh i read an article that only 5% of people go from freemium to paying customers for the game so now the pir job is to figure out who are the customers. The casuals or the hardcores


Yeah, but getting ahead of the freemium players is what drives the premium players to pay in the first place. Without casual freemium players, it leaves most premium players less incentive to go on as well.


Thats debatable considering i am a freemium player and i am probably better than 95% of the players in taiwan even if u include paying players. But sample size only equals one. Shrug. If u play longer than a paying payer it evens out.


Your posts complaining about people complaining might be more effective on the reddit side of the forums.


Nah, the people there whine about everything. People there were whining about how they are pissed off cause their seen caught ratio is off now in the pokedex


Are you doing pretty good on pokemon go? Just wondering - I don’t play.


The number of pokezombies strutting around the park has risen for now. Niantics sure is taking their sweet time to come up with new aspects of game play…


Yea still playing, still fun, still lots to do


What did u guys get this weekend


Went to Nanliao and still a sea of frigging people. The North wind was almost blizzard like, blowing up mini sand storms on to the horde of players. It felt like millions of tiny razors cutting into my skin. Yet people were trying to stick it out. I finally gave up after 3 hours. I had sand in my my hair, my ears, my eye folds and it just wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

Without the radar the horde was really really blind. They were swarming the hills for a frigging dratini. There were 3 times a swarm of people just circled the entire old harbor for absolutely nothing.

I read that 2 hours after I left, a Lapras showed up though.


Hansioux im so jealous that u went to nanoiao. Are u a taipei person? Can u tell me ur route to get there and where u stayed if u stayed overnight? Did u get anything unusual/good? I was at beitou this weekend. People run for sratinis. Cant pass up 8 candys


I live within an hour drive to Nanliao, but I don’t go there that often. I think weather there will be like this for the entire winter, strong wind and mini sand storms. People were literally stopped in their tracks. When they try to move they have to move sideways, and sand goes right in the ear.

People were wind surfing in the old harbor though. The wind was strong enough to get them to motorcycle speeds. Looked like fun, except for that one guy who can’t get himself out of the water.


Did u catch anything good within the 3 hours… so if i bring like lab goggles and earmuff or headphones ill be set then

I caught 8 dratini in 2.5 hours in beitou so thats 64 candies.

But took me an hour train ride each wway


I did the research awhile ago and using public transportation, it’ll take you just about 1-1.5 hours to get from HsinChu bus/train station to the harbor. Probably over 2 hours if your starting point is the HSR station since that’s in Zhubei. Life without your own vehicle outside of Taipei is very inconvenient.

If budget isn’t an issue, taxi is the fastest option. If you get enough of your friends, the taxi fare shouldn’t be too bad split among a few people. It’s about a 15-20 minute drive from HsinChu station to the harbor. Main issue is you might have trouble finding a taxi when you want to leave the harbor. You might have to call 55688 or some other taxi company to come pick you up.


All the above is on top of the trip from Taipei to Hsinchu. An HSR ticket (I think) is around 300NT, but like I mentioned above the HSR station is located farthest away from the harbor. TRA (150NT ticket) and bus (125NT ticket) from Taipei Main you can take to Hsin Chu station and connect to local bus or taxi.


I got 3 or 4 dratini, 2 ponyta, 3 pikachus, 4 Shellders, 2 Seels, 3 Magnemites, a Charmander, a couple Vulpix, countless Voltorbs and Electrodes. Nothing really special, but Seel and Shellder are rare enough elsewhere.


Seels were so abundant in beitou last month but not sure if they still there since i went during halloween spawn. I really need a lapras.


Dailies announced.