Poker tournaments in Taiwan


Interesting that these seem to be happening now? It seems they’ve gotten approval

Some gambling-style games (like cards and mahjong) are allowed on special days or under special restricted circumstances.

I guess so


There was a British poker player who successfully argued that poker is a game of skill and therefore should not be subject to gambling tax. Can’t remember his name but he won the WSOP in 1982, I think.

I would guess that similar arguments are being made here.

EDIT: Mansour Mantloubi, 1990.


The mahjong buddies that I play with always tell me that it’s OK as long as there aren’t more than two tables going at a certain location. Don’t know if this is really official or just urban legend.

I’ve also joined mahjong tournaments where a location had more than a dozen tables going. However, there was a set entrance fee, a set number of rounds, and set cash prize amounts, so I suppose that’s not considered gambling but more like a sweepstakes? There’s also that regularly advertises these kind of tournaments.

I’d still be curious to see any official laws or regulations.