any players around? getting some forumosans together and tossing some of the English money around could be fun :slight_smile:

I know of one, but he’ll be out of the country soon. Maybe we could form a group when he gets back. I’m game.

I’d be down for some poker. I live in Yong Hu, but I’d go just about anywhere in Taipei for a game with a solid crew.

When the poker man gets back from his travels I’ll talk to him about starting a group. He may be interested.

let us know! i got a friend who might be interested.

I’d like to come watch and learn a thing or two if welcome.

The question is where. It comes down to the table. And chips are a big help. Does anyone have chips or know where to get them?

I say make it an open invitational. It doesn’t take long to pick up on the basics. Besides, beginners are often the most dangerous. It would help pad the number of players and keep it interesting.

[quote=“Allbringer”]And chips are a big help. Does anyone have chips or know where to get them?


just about any stationary store.

the guy i’m talking about had cards and chips, but i don’t mind starting without him. We’d just need to find a place that would let us gamble. Or someone’s house.

Hi guys, I have the chips and a place. We have a couple of regulars and usually place once a week. There is always room for a couple of guys. Its fun relaxed with a good group of guys. Email or call 0960531711


We have a weekly poker game in Tainan or eight or so members. Is there a group in Taipei? Perhaps we can have monthly games and get some multi table action going. If interested let me know.


with not or…sorry

We play almost every Friday or Saturday. If you or anyone else would like to join us, send me an e-mail or call. If we had enough for two tables I have enough room. Most of us would not be able to make it to Tainan, but I will toss the idea around.


Shouldn’t this be merged with the poor-man’s poker thread? What are the minimums and betting sizes in this group? Sounds a bit serious :wink:

We play 20nt ante 40nt max bet and 80nt max bet on the last card or some games last 2 cards.