Anyone interested in playing poker on a weekly basis?

I can host. Daan District

I’m interested! What times and days were you thinking?

Hairyg I don’t have any players yet.

You play Texas hold 'em or some other variant like PLO?

I work in the evenings so my available times are a little limited.

I’m interested. I had a bunch of questions but only one really mattered. Can I bring alcohol?

I only play Texas Holdem

You can Throw - as long as you don’t start wanting to fight me or anybody else or throw up inside my apt.

I swear to god I saw some Doritos being mentioned previously?

I asked people to bring Doritos but the mods are against potato chips

But… Doritos are corn chips… But anyhooooo I’ll keep an eye out on this thread!

Has anyone been following the Mike Postle cheating scandal? It was bound to happen eventually with live televised hole cards. He was just stupidly unsubtle.

I started to watch a yt clip until seconds in it became clear I was going to have to listen to Doug Polk. Backed right out. Let me see if I can learn about this and avoid Polk at the same time.

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Polk is annoying.

Some of the plays Polster makes are ridiculous.

So the online commentary was on a 30-minute delay, each card is embedded with an RFID chip uniquely identifying it, hole cards are dealt into an area in front of each player - an area with a sensor that can read the RFID and thus identity each player’s hole cards, and the theory is that Postle was working with a Stones employee who was responsible for the online display of hole cards. That about it?

Postle did stare oddly into his lap (or maybe the floor). He fiddled a lot with his hat and with his ear. He also had huge winning streaks where he’d win 50+ sessions without a single loss <–that is very suspicious indeed. I also saw him lay down AKs when his opponent had pocket 8s and there was an 8 in the flop. Weird, but his hand wasn’t improved by the flop and it’s possible he folded for that reason (but unusual).

I learned also that there is a 5-hr yt analysis of many of his hands at Stones, but I did not watch that. I saw a chart of all sessions at Stones and Postle’s dot was way, way out of the ordinary, a massive outlier.

I guess it’s possible that he shared some tech with a Stones employee that allowed the employee to communicate each player’s hole cards. Would be interesting to see his results if he played outside Stones Casino.

eta: I also saw that he made like US$250k in 2018(?) playing $1/$3 games almost exclusively, which would seem to be pretty difficult to accomplish assuming Postle has any life whatsoever outside poker (but I also saw a photo of him with his young daughter).

In this day and age of computer analysis, I’m surprised he could last that long.

I watched a hand where he had 10 J off and called his opponent’s small pre flop bet. Flop comes 9, 2, 5 I think and his opponent bets a third of the pot which he calls. Turn is a jack. His opponent bets half the pot and Postle immediately folds.

His opponent has 9 9, so if Postle had fluked a runner runner straight he’d have cleaned his opponent out.

Definitely unusual to fold top pair there, but tbh Postle may have had enough experience with that player to conclude a half-pot bet on the turn means the guy hit a set on the flop. I don’t think I would have folded that hand (top pair), though (if this is all the info I have to go by). In fact I might have raised.

It’s a very suspicious play to call with 10 J on the flop then fold after hitting one of them on the turn.

What I find odd about the whole affair is the other players could easily have caught him in action. They just needed security to check his hat and phone during play. They’ve gone down this weird legal route where they’re going to have to convince a courtroom that his play and winning percentage were dodgy. That’s not easy to do.

It puts me off California poker rooms, for sure. The other thing they could have done, even simpler, would be to refuse to play with RFID cards. Bad idea from the get go.

Yep, they better hope the judge likes to play poker. It won’t be easy to win that suit.

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To call 1/3 of the pot, certainly. That is big time losing LAG play. I can’t see any angle that would make you call that and fold after the J came.

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