How big is poker in Taiwan?? I’m curious cause I play quite frequently over here in Canada. Are there casinos in Taipei? What is the poker scene like over there??

Jeff Hwozdecki

no casinos out here. They have some in Macau, but no poker. My friends and I have a regular game out here that is open to almost all.

There is no legal poker out here. Although the Taiwanese have their own form of poker called da lau something ! Anyway that is nearly 100% luck.
There is apparently the Taiwanese gambling boat that sails around Taiwan. Not sure if it is true but have been told by two people now that it exists , but so far have not been able to find how to get on the boat or even if it really exists! Anyway you can always play online but make sure that you use a foreign credit card as poker is ILLEGAL IN TAIWAN. In fact i was once playing for small change against a couple of a foreigners in a coffee shop (literally a few NT) and the owner came over and warned us to stop.

I am a Canadian citizen who has made thousands of dollars playing online texas hold em poker. I will be arriving in Taipei on the 15th of June. I will be happy to help you establish yourself as an online player, provided you have money, are willing and let me get the referall bonus. I’ll even give you some basic instruction if necessary.
Please reply in private message if interested.