Poland visas for Taiwanese

Hi all,

I’m a Brit (and half Polish) planning to take my girlfriend on a short trip (long weekend or week) to Poland when we go to the UK this summer and I wanted to know the visa requirements for Taiwanese people and if anyone here has applied recently for one (particularly for such a short trip).

I found the Polish visa website not very helpful, and on Wikipedia it looks like Poland has a trade office in Taipei but I’m not sure if they sort out visas. Any help would be much appreciated.



Taiwanese get visa free to U.K. now for 180 days as you know. As for Poland, they do need a visa. Try this website:

poland.com.tw/index.php/eng/Taiw … -in-Taipei

Look on bottom. Theres a link to print out and fill in the visa application form.

Give them a call and ask them exactly what to do.

Thanks for that, really useful, will try and give them a call, but looks pretty straight forward…


Poland is part of the Schengen area. Therefore you friend can apply for a visa from the office of any Schengen area country (includes most EU countries but not the UK) and enter Poland with it, and visit as many of the other Schengen countries as she wants on the same visa.