Police "aggression" when discussing about a parking fine - police won't let me to file a complaint

So today I parked my bike in a walk side where it’s not allowed. I went to check on it and a policeman was giving me a fine so I went up to him, between him and the motorcycle, and asked him to give me time to move the bike. He wanted to take a picture of a notification he had stuck on my bike, and I was covering it with my body as I was telling him that I wanted to move the bike. During this, and without me having touched him or anything, the fat policeman pushed me with his two hands on my chest, so I told him he was attacking me and then he said that I was doing it to him! O_o

Anyway he went away without taking a picture of the notification, which I removed, then I went for my keys for moving my bike and I saw that he had come back and had been doing something near my bike. I went to police station A (the closest one), and tried to report the situation. They told me to go to that policeman’s office, so I did. Once there, they put me on the phone with some “foreigners police”, who had discussed with them previously, and he told me that I had parked my bike somewhere where I shouldn’t and that that’s it. I tried to tell him the story about the cunt pushing me but he wasn’t really willing to listen much, so after the phone changing hands like 3 times, he started to tell me to “GO AWAY NOW, you BETTER LEAVE THE OFFICE NOW”. I repeated that I was pushed by a policeman without a real reason for that, and that I really wanted to report the situation, so he said “ok, if you really want to sue him go now to a hospital and get a medical report”. I explained him that I didn’t have injuries but that they could check the cameras, and in the end they told me to go to the Police headquarters nearby. So I went there.

Once there I explained the “foreigners police” lady the situation, and that I didn’t really consider it normal. She agreed with me and told me to go with me to the guy’s police office (?!?!?!?!). We went and basically they discussed in Chinese and then told me that the situation wasn’t clear because of the language gap, and blah blah blah.

I asked to record the chat, and I did so for a good 40 minutes lapse. During the chat, the “foreginers police” told me that (and it’s recorded):

  • I say that he attacked me but the policeman felt attacked too because I talked to him in English (!!)
  • I cannot file a complaint and/or get a copy of my statement because there’s no case
  • There’s no case because there’s no evidence, only my version
  • There’s no case because there’s no criminal violation of law
  • They won’t check cameras for confirming on my accusations because there’s no case, because there’s only my version
  • If I want to sue his fat ass then he can sue me too for obstruction of authority or something
  • If I want to sue him I need to talk to a lawyer and he can do it (or something like that)
  • if I want to file a complaint about the situation or report it, the way to do it is to call 911, not to go to a police station (which contradicts what I was told at the fat policeman’s police station)
  • That I’m wasting everybody’s time and that I could choose between to stay there wasting time or go home
  • that I don’t have the right to be attended in English because I live in Taiwan, and in Taiwan English is not an official language (it made me laugh because the government’s plans of making it official…)
  • That if a Taiwanese were in my situation in my country, then “what? he would need to speak my country’s language”, which I replied explaining that they have the right for getting an English translator

The whole situation was amazingly frustrating. I also tried to tell the police woman that I was in a similar situation a year ago when I got hit by a scooter driving between the bus I was getting off from and the bus stop. She claimed it was MY fault, and in the end I had to stop her from escaping while waiting for the police. She hit me with a bag shouting that I was “very bad”, that I “didn’t understand Taiwan law”, etc etcetc… I got “help” from a “foreigners police” back then and despite I requested to sue her for the aggression and the problems caused to me in my freaking neighborhood, during the trial the judge said that yes, it was her fault to drive over me… and that was it. Where was the part I stressed out about her trying to escape from the police? where was the part about her hitting me with the hand bag? that wasn’t in the report / case, because they just ignored my requests.

When trying to explain this situation to the “foreigners” police woman, trying to point out how she was siding by the policeman instead of being helping me as she kept claiming, she wouldn’t let me talk more than 10 seconds in a row.

So my questions are:

  1. given that I have poor to no evidence about the policeman using “violence” (there are some pictures taken from afar by a mate but you can’t tell if there’s physical contact), can I take any legal action against this asshole?

  2. do I have the right to report such confrontation with an agent and get a copy of the statement?

  3. if the answer to the previous question is yes, and given that I have the “foreigners” police saying otherwise, can I take any legal action against her? at the beginning of the audio I do ask for permit and I am granted to do so. Only when towards the end they started to discuss among them I was told to turn it off, and told that this wasn’t a place for recording, and I was asked to keep the phone in the backpack too.

  4. can they take any action against me for I was between the bike and the agent, preventing him from taking a picture of the notice paper?

  5. can they take any retaliation for me having tried to report / sue this guy? should I expect it to happen?

  6. should I do something like to go to another police station or to seek for legal advice? is there any gov office that can help with this?

  7. other advice?


PS: I was requested to sign a new parking fine at the end of the session because according to him I “spoiled” the original one when I avoided the picture and then took the paper off my bike.

In your home country how would obstructing a police officer in their duties go down?


I’m not sure if you are replying question 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7.

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Your third sentence.


he didn’t want to give you that time that’s his choice

That’s grounds for arrest and he would have called for backup


Wow, how much are parking tickets in Taiwan ?



Pay the fine and move on. You probably did the most you could by getting in their faces all afternoon, well beyond IMO


Sometimes you have to know when to hold them and when to fold them. This case fold them


Thanks a lot for all these responses, some of them really really insightful, perhaps difficult to understand due to all the technicalities used, but thanks anyway.

Does anybody know anything about questions 1 to 7? thanks!


  1. No
  2. You’ll lose because you’re in the wrong, so no
  3. But the answer was no
  4. Probably. Depends how much trouble you make for them.
  5. See answer 4
  6. No, no and no
  7. Yes, make like Elsa and “let it go.”
  1. Why create all this trouble for yourself when the fine is likely a few hundred nt?

Pay the fine and take a L here. It’s some BS and the cop is a dick. In case you didn’t know, cops are like this every where when it comes to protecting their own. What are you going to do? Get The police to go investigate themselves?


Alright, I’ll answer this one. The problem here isn’t getting fined in a place where I see scooters parked every day. The problem is try to talk to a policeman and being pushed by him, and even worse, being denied what I THINK is my right to file a complaint. Because even two policemen told me I CAN report the situation, I CAN sue him, but when the “foreigners police” woman appeared and mediated, they told me I can not because there’s no evidence and there’s no evidence because they don’t have the right to ask for any footage so it’s only my version, etc etc etc. I call on bullshit.

It’s not about a few hundred NT’s.

I really like you @mad_masala and miss you posting more frequently in this board, so I’m replying to you sincerely.
It really seems you have some problem with authority figures.
Please note that all the responses to your post are telling you to let it go. You have to choose your battles and this one is not one you should want to pursue. :2cents:


Thats a thing in any country. Cops ain’t gonna investigate themselves. They don’t call it a blue wall for nothing.

I’d be afraid if he pursues it they will add a few more charges on for fun and make this guys life difficult


I know it’s probably very difficult right now but when you’ve calmed down, take a step back and look at what you’re asking.

You knowingly illegally parked, you were getting a valid ticket and then tried to obstruct the cop from completing the process while looking for “time” (the ticket was for what you did not for continuing to park there and you’re very lucky you didn’t get another one after you removed the first notice). He may or may not have been justified in pushing you out of his way. Instead of taking the warning you just kept pushing.

It’s a few hundred NT, you parked illegally don’t f’up your chance of an APRC or even risk deportation by ending up with an assault charge against you to counter any attempt you make to sue the cop. It’s f’ckd up but f’king with cops, especially over something trivial, is not a good road to go down, particularly in a country where you know a sizable proportion are corrupt.


This is all I need to know. Nothing else matters after this. You parked illegally, got nicked for it, end of story. Why argue about it?


Yeah, unless he was injured. He risks more pursuing this because the police can make your life miserable.

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There were so many serious issues police had to deal with today, but they were held up by this stupid issue.

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