Police "aggression" when discussing about a parking fine - police won't let me to file a complaint

Or, if you’re a cop, you just give the narcissist a hard shove, then ignore his whining and complaints. Much more satisfying than catering to his every need.

did you exchange LINE id’s with the police officer?

Obstinacy and narcissism are not the same thing.

The test for this sort of incident should always be, if so-and-so were the victim, would the perpetrator reasonably expect to get away with it? If you can’t apply that test, then equality before the law effectively does not exist. :balance_scale:

That said, I wouldn’t be confident that the surveillance footage would support your version of events as clearly as you think it would, Mr. Masala, even if you manage to secure it, which would be a struggle. Plus, if there’s no audio, he has the opportunity to spin his ridiculous “English aggression” line into something serious. As a police officer, he’s more likely to be believed. When reasonable doubt exists, you can’t expect a criminal conviction, especially of a cop.

So you may be better off letting the perpetrator off with the lighter punishment he’s already received, namely an afternoon of annoyance and loss of face.


Not trying to be a dick, but this.
At least park somewhere that you know you won’t get in trouble. Walk extra minute or two and this whole ordeal could’ve been avoided.

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Sorry, who’s the “perpetrator” here again??


Very entertaining… thanks @mad_masala, you crack me up.

Don’t be riled up about it. This shitty behavior by police covering each others backs even when at fault is the norm in most countries.


The subject had parked illegally when the police shot at him”

“I don’t need to keep reading after illegally” :joy:

I do have my reasons for not wanting that fine, apart from the money. But my main issue with the situation isn’t the fine itself, but the policeman pushing me away with two hands and well, that I probably have the right to report it and the person designated to help me when I went to report the situation tried to discourage me doing it, moreover, she told me that it’s not possible, using arguments that didn’t make sense, and they didn’t make sense for reasons beyond any language barrier.

Probably you don’t have a problem with this. Probably most people would opt to shut up and leave, but that’s the contrary of what I think that is the right thing to do, and I consider this bigger moral problem than parking in a sidewalk full of scooters.

Thanks! well, I appreciate this, but also I’m superbusy and I don’t enjoy a lot posting here anymore for the reasons explained before… several times. One more time: yes, sometimes I post bullshit and soft trolling shit, but I do feel that moderators have used that as an excuse for what I consider censorship, and at least in one or two cases, political censorship. I’m NOT OK with that, so…

Agreed :slight_smile:. I don’t respect much authority, I respect respectable people and reasons.

Yup, but… when they lie to you when they should be helping to clear out a situation and your rights… that’s not right.

TBH I’ve been told that if you move the bike BEFORE they can finish the process, you don’t need to pay the fine. Something similar happens with towing cars: if they aren’t towing it already, you can get away with it. That’s why towing is so fast here (see them working!) and that’s why I tried to talk to the guy. I know I might be wrong with this though.

But I don’t think he has the right to get physical for this, and I don’t think that what came after is even legal. What can I say, I just don’t like to accept situations like this.

Yeah, that’s what I could have used… if I were injured. But I believe that if I slap someone’s face that’s still illegal and it can be reported and it has to be investigated. The police woman was trying to convince me that the lack of proofs in my hands stopped the whole process… even if they could easily check the guy’s body camera! but they wouldn’t start it because I had no evidence to start a case! lol

Go banana yourself, which is probably the best you can do anyway.

Do you mean you have that disorder? because what I’m describing here is far from being that social disorder.

That would have been fun. Nah, it wouldn’t have been.

You know where I come from, I think. I’m a romantic and an idealist :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it would show me in between the motorcycle and the guy, which was also the only way to talk to him face to face, and it would definitely show he pushing me without any intention of me trying to touch him. He knew he :banana:ed up after I pointed out he was attacking me.

See? this and other nonsense used by them tells me that they don’t have many solid arguments. Apart from obstruction to their duties, which I agree that they could use, even if I was at that time trying to talk to him.

Yes, no. I mean, yes, I know it was parked illegally. If I had to pay the ticket after trying to talk him into reason, I would have done it. But his behaviour was rude from the very beginning, and pushing me didn’t make it any better.


I think it’s clear he means the police using violence when not needed?

I’m going to chime in here, you admitted you covered the notice on your bike from the policeman, it sounds like you refused to move to allow him to take the photo. He then moved you. Doesn’t sound to me as though you have a leg to stand on with this one. In fact you should be charged with obstruction in some form. If I was you I’d pay the fine and move on before it gets worse for you as they find anything they can to throw at you.

As to the “police using violence when not needed” we you refused to move to allow him to do his job, it doesn’t sound like violence to me it sounds like he forcibly moved you so he could do something reasonable. Again I think you’d lose this if you tried to sue.


Hate to say it @mad_masala, but the only satisfaction you’re going to get in this matter is bitching about it online.


@mad_masala and @Charlie_Phillips, can’t you guys just get along? If you can’t, I’ll make you get a room. :kissing_heart:

And no, Mad, we’re not going to turn this into a discussion of how the site is moderated. You already have multiple threads for that. Thank you for your cooperation. :bowing:

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@mad_masala You’re expending a lot of effort over something that’s not a big deal. So one police officer acted a bit aggressively when dealing with a parking violator who happened to be you. Who cares?

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It’s not only that. It’s that a “foreigners policeman” shouldn’t lie to you, and it’s clear to me that I was being told lies in order to prevent an internal investigation for what was unnecessary physical contact. I was trying to talk to the guy, ffs!

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Hmmm maybe. TBH, I’m not necessarily looking for satisfaction. I do have some questions about laws, rights, etc. Apparently some posters can’t read or go beyond the fact that I parked illegally. In Taiwan! where there are motorcycles parked on motorcycles! xD Come on… I didn’t post this for whining about getting a fine. Maybe my posts are a boring read and that’s why some people here talk about the first two lines of a much longer post.

:roll_eyes: If you don’t want trouble with the police, don’t break the law.


If you can’t even get a largely sympathetic group of foreigners on your side, what makes you think that Taiwan’s legal system will take your complaint seriously? I mean, seriously.


@mad_masala’s favorite album :thinking:

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I feel a bit sympathetic, even though I probably would have dealt with things differently. Here are some reasons:

a) Parking ticket for parking a bicycle, for Pete’s sake?! Aren’t there more important traffic problems?
b) I have also heard that if you move before the ticket procedure is completed, the cops typically move on to the next ticket. I have seen this, but maybe in this situation, they were almost done and so a bit unhappy about things.
c) Somehow, I don’t feel the fat cop would have pushed a Taiwanese guy doing the same thing because most Taiwanese older guys wouldn’t take shit from a young cop (a lot of assumptions here, but I think it’s possible all valid).

But having said all this, I agree that the OP should just move on.