Police all over the streets

Hi guys, I have seen this past weeks an increase of policemen on the streets. I know for sure that their target is to clean up the side walks from all kind of stalls (food/clothes/ everything).
By talking to some of this people, they explained me that a new Police Chief get the job and he wants to have side walks completely free of stalls.
I understand that the idea is nice but these people are living from these earnings and i do not think that they earn any kind of money from the government to help them ( this is only my point of view… not sure at all).
anyway, my question is for formosan who’ve been here for a long time.
How long will it last? and is it true that a new police chief is in charge?

You don’t say where this is happening.

I live in yonghe … but in jonghe as well.
yesterday i have been to central near taipei city hall … the same
and in other places near cinemas … same thing
I am wondering if this is a global phenomena or as you may think just depending on the areas, but I do not see so many stalls now, in fact I do not see any

I’m in Yonghe and haven’t seen anything like this happening.

iam not talking about groups of dozen of policemen… iam talking about groups of 2 scooters with 2/3 policemen riding around all day long. I have seen so many of them. Maybe because i ride a scooter as-well and i see the difference.
as you live in yonghe, if you take the dingxi line for example, there used to be many stalls in front of shops directions to the night market… now NONE.
anyway, the thread is more about if someone knows if there is a new police chief for Taipei and any kind of interesting informations.

Well, in the first place, Zhonghe and Taipei city would have different police chiefs so this is not a coordinated effort by one person.

Furthermore, these kinds of crackdowns are very common. Especially in Taipei city as street vendors have mostly been banned for a decade.

The fruit selling lady and the sweet potato guy are still outside dingxi MRT whenever I come out in the evening.

He is very sweet, isn’t he!

all right then… thanks guys.

when a dignitary is on the move there will be police at every traffic light on their route to make sure the lights stay green for the entire trip.

1,000 Per week in fines is cheaper than rent. You are the beneficiary.