Police Arrest Errant Poster

.Online Segue poster “Fox”, 23 of Beitou was arrested early this morning for what webiquette police Senior Constable Soddom described as a reckless endangerment of cybersemantics.

Fox, a teary eyed pretty sophomore in lee hipsters answered reporters questions whilst tucking in her shirttails outside Webiquette Headquarters. Holding back her tears, Fox acknowledged her many spelling errors in her “Oil Arguement” post, but appealed to other Segue posters to rally against the indiscriminant policing of posts by pompas, bombastic arseholes.

Senior Constable Soddom refused to answer allegations made by Fox that he had touched her in anyway untoward. Replying only that Fox was a little naive to think she could get away with flaunting webiqutte on his watch.

Webiqutte chief prosecutor and famed cyber celebrity Sandman, 43 who appeared to be wiping a pearl of drool from the courner of his mouth said in a some what arcane support of Senior Constable Soddom, “Aye that young Fox she’ll certainly be getting a lesson in the darker arts from Senior Constable Soddom. There’s to be no doubt about that lads. She might want to think twice next time she places such a boring, outrage infront of me daily routine.”

Fox was later removed from the scene in a division van marked cyberia. Senior Constable Soddom commented, "Yeah well she’ll be headed for the archives beyond page 11 in the Language Exchange forum. That’s somewhere nobody ever goes or would want to go, but we’ll be having her back up here at the office on occasions he said with a wink and a nod to a now dribbling drooling Chief Prosecutor


What is “pompas”?

quick wolf, call soddom

This could be funny

I have an urge…

Let it out Wolf! Let it out! We need some excitement here. :laughing:

In a follow up report on the earlier arrest and charging today of errant Segue poster “Fox”, 23 of Beitou by Senior Constable Soddom, Segue reporter and columnist Snoop followed the Divisional van that took Fox off to the Language Exchange archives where he has filed this report.

The shocking revelations today that Webiquette Police Senior Constable Soddom exercised more than an appropriate level of brutality whilst arresting and charging a young female Segue poster, Fox, have shocked the small Segue cyber community. Once charged, Fox in a somewhat harsh and as yet unexplained detainment was removed from Webiquette Headquaters and incarserated in Cyberia. We were able to secure an exclusive interview on her current circumstance in the Language Exchange forum.

Snoop: “Tell us in you own words what’s it like back here in the Language Exchange archives?”

Fox: “It smells. Like it really smells bad back here. I don’t want to speak poorly of all these lost souls without friends or the ability to afford a language teacher, but it’s a fatuous place and nothing changes. Though I have met a nice guy called Creed1978. He kept on asking me how to say sit still and can you just turn your head a little more to the right in Chinese. I said oh that’s easy Senior Constable Soddom, that bastard, just taught me that today. But he didn’t say it as kindly as you Creed.”

Snoop:“If it’s not too frightening an experience for you to recall could you allow our readers to have your side of the story on what exactly occured today in Webiquette Headquaters?”

Fox:“Well it’s a little hard for me to even think about it. He was a brute and a bastard and all the while I had this errie feeling there were more eyes watching me through that double mirror thing. He asked me lots of spelling questions like how do you spell usurp and argument? It was frustrating and he knew he had me. But it wasn’t that that really bothered me. It was the other stuff.”


Fox:“He’s a prick. He’s your typical cop pig and I told him. He wouldn’t let up about why it is that all posters must follow appropriate Webiquette. I said well what is appropriate Webiquette and what did I do wrong? He said some people just crap on on these forums and it’s my job to read 'em and it makes me mad as hell when I see a post out of it’s appropriate thread or of a content that might be somewhat over my head, or boorish, or polite, or arrogant, or well thought out, or in keeping with the times or thrashed to death or whatever. You get my meaning I’m Senior Constable Soddom and your arse is mine!”

Snoop:“And I guess the question all our readers are dying to hear the answer to is: what happened then?”

Fox:“Well all the while on the table was this large brown paperbag with a photofit likeness of George Bush sketched on it. He…he…he cuffed my hands to the back of this chair put the bag over my head with the image facing him and pulled down my new Lees and Calvins and I can’t tell you whether it was his police batten or his own god awful thing, but he kept saying give me a taste of that chocolate star George you rogue, you rogue, you rogue…as he well you know the bastard.”

Snoop:“We’re all sorry to hear that Fox. What a slime bag! Why do you think they have detained you down here in the archives anyway?”

Fox:“He said that was only a taste of what he and the other pigs at Webiquette have got in store for me…He’s a bastard …and it was that he didn’t like the spin I put on that George Bush oily argument thing.”

At this stage folks I’m sorry we were unable to continue our interview with Fox as she was about to receive council from another well known Segue personality Richard Hartzel.

Sentence “Fox” to reading/replying to 20 of “Vincents” post. :smiling_imp:

Now that I’ve done my time in the Language Exchange Archives and escaped back to the Open Forum, I’d like to make a complaint…of course.

I think Snoop was right in his observations that there is a double standard and heavy handed editing that goes on in these forums. It was born out by the removal of the 'Soddom nabs Reinhold" post that was completely deleted. I guess by Gus or perhaps one of the Moderators.

If it were the case that people couldn’t point fun and slag off at others on these forums they would be abandoned tomorrow. I couldn’t care less about the treatment Snoop gave me; I thought it was funny. I also don’t mind Reinhold, Soddom, Sandman or whoever having a bit of fun at my expense; although, I think they perhaps were wrong about how insightful my post was, but really I don’t think those guys care about much more than Salad Spinners and Holding Hands in Public.

What I ultimately saw as disappointing was the editing and brow beating. In fact, I thought it was pathetic.

Is it really going to be the case that people cannot write supercilious spoofs in the Open Forums?

Well said, Fox.

A valiant stance in the face of oppression and censorship.

I totally agree.

More people with your obvious good sense of humour are needed.

That thread wasn’t zapped out of existence, it’s still in the flame forum.

That’s not the point, though is it… comrade?

Why was it moved there at all? What is wrong, as Fox says, with a bit of a giggle?

Or do we all have to have our personalities surgically removed before we post here?

(Some people it seems are at a natural advantage.)

How about registering? Your words tend to carry a bit more weight that way. :wink:

In general, the mods have a very relaxed attitude to the words censorship. The thread wasn’t removed, just moved and is still there for all to post in.
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
Moreover, Eh? there was a big discussion app. 1 year ago about how to moderate this site. The outcome is roughly what you see now.
:smiley: :smiley:


I think you’ll find that the original post was called “Soddom Nabs Reinhold” and was completely deleted and replaced with a post that read “I like Bacon,” or something similarly odd and incomprehensible.

The fact that none of the moderators, or as Snoop would likely have it the authorities at Webiquitte, see fit to respond probably does indicate a little foul play is at hand here.

Here’s an appeal to Soddom, Sandman and Reinhold since we were all involved in Snoop’s spoof.

Do you guys think it was reasonable that it was completely deleted? Surely from all your tough talk you guys are a little more thick skinned than that.

I also noticed through the Flame Forum there is quite a bit of editing of people’s posts by Webiquette directly into the posts. Unless Snoop and A Friend are editing their own posts to make themselves seem foolish. Perhaps it really is the Lord of the Flies around here.

I found that post/thread very entertaining and am equally surprised it was moved. It looks like the person responsible has chosen to remain anonymous and, after such a long period, will remain so. Mea culpa anyone?

Than again, is it worth getting so hot under the collar about? Many of us have been edited, shuffled along, and banished to the language exchange forum so we just accept it as part of the Segue. :wink:

[quote]It was born out by the removal of the 'Soddom nabs Reinhold" post that was completely deleted. I guess by Gus or perhaps one of the Moderators.
Nope, it was me.
Just goofing around with the glitch. Haven’t you guys figured out the deal with unregistered posts yet. Come on, have some fun :slight_smile:

By the way, I was not offended or anything by the early post, I just wanted to experiment with the glitch and that was my test child.
GUILTY AS CHARGED! Are you going to sentence me Fox? 8)

We have a confessor.
And…it’s a non-moderator (gasp!)
It’s Wolf
and his