Police Bust Call-Girl Ring Serving Foreigners

Police Bust Call-Girl Ring Serving Foreigners…

The China Post carried this short news brief today on page 19; so now we know what all those classified adverts in the 3 Englishy papers were / are all about. As if we didn’'t know, and as if the owners of those papers didn’t know what the money was all about. Sure: those classy ads were nothing but fronts for paid prossies serving the foreign randy community and out of town business perps.

But LOOK: today, the CHina Post suddenly stopped running those ads, which they did run every day for about two years. Taking the money and running all the way to the bank! Why suddenly stop today. Meanwhile, normal biz as the TT and the TN where the call girl SECRET GARDEN adverts are still running today, almost half a page in the TT.

Question: was the China Post maybe cooperating with the police in order to nail the prossy ring and the pimps, by running the adverts and tel numbers so the police could track the varmits down?

And will tomorrow’s TT and TN suddenly also stop running those underground adverts?

Did anyone ever call one of those numbers and what kinds of services were offered? The girls were young old middle, pretty ugly what? Russians, mainland girls, local college students up for some enjo kosai?

Anyway, the Post just lost a huge amount of daily revenue. But good for them for being on the right side of the law!

Utter and complete nonsense. A figment of the China Posts tiny little mind and a further example of Taiwan’s inbuilt xenophobia. The very idea of a Taiwanese newspaper carrying a story about “foreigners” (what do they mean by that?) and “call girls” (definition please) it just beggars belief. Wow what hypocrisy.

Tomorrow’s story: all foreigners have aids, all prostitution is caused by foreigners, etc etc

Jesus it’s getting like China in the 1980s.

hexuan: No no no, in this case, the Post story is true. When you come here next year, you will see. Every day, 30 adverts in English offering sex services are in the 3 Englishy papes. The monthly TMIT also now runs 8 pages of these ads in English, up from 0 two years ago. So there is a sex industry catering to English reading johns. Really. You will see when you come here.

The girls come to your hotel room, I take it. Or apartment. About NT$3000 plus per shot. Two hours. All night is NT$10,000. Or so I hear. Never been there done that.

I’m with hexuan…

It’s just temporary and the China Post will put them all back on Sunday. The police probably fined them for promoting “call girl” services, but like all other similiar situations involving law in Taiwan, a few days of silence and then back to the way it was days before…

I actually knew a guy I worked with that called them for fun. Their pretty open about it and will quote you the rate according to the girl’s/s’ age(s) and services rendered. Depending on the operators English, they can get quite graphic and you can have anything you want, i.e. 3, 4, 5-somes, girl on girl, blowjob, anal, and/or plain vanilla sex.

They advertise this a lot in the 3 English newspapers and the monthly free business guide, “This Month in Taiwan.”

As a matter of fact the one ad on page 109 in the top left hand corner actually reads as follows:

Platinum Pleasure

Magic massage with
our sexy 8 pretty
young masseuse

Jolin: 0916-552-207

If you can read the Chinese newspapers, they actually advertise these jobs in the help wanted section. Usually as follows only in Chinese:

Looking for young women wanting to make $100,000/month
No experience necessary
Joe Wang: 0999-999-999

Taiwanese/Chinese/Asians in general are incredibly racist and like to blame us for most if not all of their problems. You get use to it. I think sometime we should keep out their imports for a short while to teach them a lesson, but that would be too much like something they would do.


PS I’ll give that one number a call later and see what kind of services are rendered.

I can’t imagine there is sufficient demand amongst the foreign population for expensive prostitutes to justify a business catering exclusively to foreigners. This is a Taiwanese business for Taiwanese at Taiwanese prices. They thought they could get away with it easier by advertising in English newspapers. Horny and desperate foreigners would be more likely to trot off to Angeles City or somesuch place and pay peanuts for the same. Probably.

I think it’s the foreign buyers that swing through for a few days. Over the years I’ve had plenty of customers ask for this. I only know a couple of guys who are living here using professional services, and they were just divorced and had no interest in a relationship or a run in with any psychos.

Maybe it’s just that the Japanese had their slagging on this subject a little while back, and now it’s our turn. Scandal is so much easier than good reporting, and it’s better for the ratings. TV and print news is just part of the entertainment business, nothing else.

hexuan wrote: “Horny and desperate foreigners would be more likely to trot off to Angeles City or somesuch place and pay peanuts for the same. Probably.”

I once knew a bloke from overseas who was an engineer for the High Speed RR here, based in Hsinchu or someplace, and every month, one weekend, he took off for Thailand for some good sex with a young one. He was married overseas, wife still there, but relationship not so good, although he said he still loved her. Said it was cheaper to fly to Bangkok for a weekend than pay the high fees for sex in Taipei! Of course, as a high speed RR engineer, the guy was making around NT$250,000 a month here, so he could afford paid sex…

But back to JEffG’s note. Nope. The Sunday China Post still has no sex ads, after Saturday’s bust and not today either. Just the TT and TN taking them in. Maybe TT will get more ads now, since Post has said no. Was it a management decision and if so, why did they wait 2 years?

And will the TT follow suit? Anybody who works there know their policy on these sex ads? Take the money and run?

Certainly, gives a bad image to the world, if that is really their logo mission statement…

Then again, sex sells, good conversation item at cocktail parties (“did you see the new Secret Garden transsexual hermaphrodite ad in the TT today, dear?”)…

If it’s a real therapeutic massage ad, that’s one thing. But these ads are pure prostitution ads. What gives? Or rather, who gives … a damn?

Watch the papers this week. I predict TT will drop ads as soon as ad director wakes up and starts reading his her paper… if he she ever does…

Yeah I did see that also, but I still believe it is only temporary. The’ll be back one of these days, and soon.

Why get take out???

And hell will freeze over first. You expect any of the management there to admit they made a mistake? To pipe up and say “Well actually we can’t and don’t read out own newspaper.”

JeffG: Notice the Times has LOST almost half of those sex ads, every day they lose 4-5 of them since this happened, from a high of 45 last week to about 20 today. And the NEws is down to 8 sex ads. AND the Post has not reinstated them and has no plans to do so, I guess. As for the highly readable (a must-read, really) TMIT monthly, it will probably continue taking the money and running all the way to the nearest ATM. Good for Ed or Sam or Nate what’s his name there, the 86 year old managing editor of the TMIT.

I wonder if anyone will ever explain the Post change of heart… Does anybody on these boards work there and are you allowed to post? Do so, yes. Tell us.

Mayor Ma speaks English well.
The mayor must look at the English-language papers from time to time.
The mayor wants Taipei to be an internationally renowned city.
The mayor gave up on trying to get rid of the sex trade in the city.
The mayor was re-elected.
So, the mayor approves of advertising for sexual services in the English-language papers because sex is an internationally recognized commodity and we voted him back in office in spite of his failure to eliminate the sex trade, which he interpreted as public support for prostitution.

(OK, so it’s not a syllogism in the strict sense…)

Ponder this…

With all those paid ads that are/were in the neswpapers and This Month in Taiwan, there must be a demand.

But not one even one free ad on the [color=darkred]Segue [/color]Buy and Sell Somethingforum.


Are we not demanding enough?

Muffin is right: “With all those paid ads that are/were in the neswpapers and This Month in Taiwan, there must be a demand.”

Times is down today to just 19 sex ads, from a high of 45 last week before the bust. Maybe the Christian president of the Times Mr Lee is starting to feel guilty after his Christmas sermon in the bilingual section…? But then again, even Jesus said: "Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone… "

There MUST be a demand because these ads ran for over 2 years daily.

There was a bloke in taiwan, i think he left now, he used to work for Taiwan news, long ago, i heard, he called up one of these sex ads and got the low-down, er, lay-down, on the entire operation. I doubt he is still reading these boards, but if he is, maybe he can filler us inner. His name was Ian Lamonts or Ian Wolf, I saw the byline somewhere once. He called the number, met the girls and wrote a story for his paper. I can’t find it on the Internet now. Maybe lost in (cyber) space LIcS…


Hate to tell you this, but did you see today’s China Post? There ba’ack!

By the way I haven’t seen the Taipei Times in a few weeks so I really cannot comment on the number of ads… sorry…

However, I will say that someone once told me that several of the ads in the paper are for the same outfit, which could explain why there’s only about half the ads now… Think about it, the police busted the ring that over advertises? (shurg) who knows…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Wasn’t trying to rub it in, just so you know.

How did I know? Actually a little birdy told me. Said to keep it a secret too, but I let the cat out of the bag didn’t I? HA HA!!! :laughing: :laughing: :smiley:

Maybe so, maybe so!! :laughing: :laughing: :shock:

It makes sense. I remember back there used to be only 2 or 3 and then over the last year or so it seems they have grown expone the number of advertisers grow exponentially, I found it kind of strange.

JEFFG wrote: “I remember back there used to be only 2 or 3 and then over the last year or so it seems they have grown expone the number of advertisers grow exponentially, I found it kind of strange.”

Yes, it grew like wildfire, and at first there were just text ads, and then a few of the adverts displayed black and white illustrations in the Post and Times and now the ads look real professional. Oops, did i say professional? I guess they are, er, um, professionals, aren’t they?

Come to think of it, no pun intended, why in the world do we call hookers “professionals?” As in, “she’s a real professional.” It is hardly a profession, is it? [Oh, now I am remember: the world’s oldest profession. Is that true? I thought midwives came first…]


:shock: You’re asking me? :?: :laughing: :laughing: I can’t answer you there, I’m no expert! :shock: :smiley: :wink: :laughing: