Police clearance from other countries lived in

Hi. I’m wondering if anybody can help me? I have a police clearance from my home country as I’m planning to apply for a work visa in Taiwan but I’ve been living and working in another country for a year. Do I need a police clearance from that country as well?

I think the answer is ‘no’. I asked something similar years back but didn’t need to obtain anything beyond my home country, which I hadn’t been in for a good number years.

OK. Thanks. I have searched around and not seen anybody mention they’d needed one. Thanks for your input. If it’s not too expensive I might get one before I come just incase I need it later on.

I hadn’t even lived in my home country since I was a child. Taiwan’s authorities don’t care; the rule asks for home country police check and that’s all they want.

What does the TECO/TECRO/embassy/consulate in your country say you need for this visa?

Doh - yyy is right. I misread and assumed you were already in Taiwan.


When I did my background check, I was already here.