Police knocked at the door of my hotel room and wanted to see my passport

I’m honestly a little bit frightened now. I checked into a hotel in Banqiao today, and about half an hour ago someone knocked at my door. Three police officers stood there, and wanted to see my passport. I showed it to them, they checked the ID for something, and then left.

(Forgot to mention initially that I currently use an NWOHR passport in Taiwan.)

The hotel was booked via booking.com and has lots of positive reviews. The reception said that was a “general” check by the police which would happen from time to time in that area and other visitors had been checked as well.

Does someone know anything about that? Does this feel sketchy to you? What could be the reason behind this?

Similar thing happened to me when I first arrived here.

Thanks for your reply. So you don’t think it was anything suspicious? I don’t stay often in a hotel in Taiwan, and this is the 1st time that my ID gets checked at all by the police outside the airport …

Nothing happened to me.

I think it’s interesting that the Taiwanese police know a lot about foreigners here, but generally choose not to do anything.

Forgot to mention that I checked in (and entered Taiwan) with my NWOHR passport. Not sure if that made me less or more suspicious.

They could be checking the hotel for drugs parties , no biggie.

Can you be more specific on “that area”? Might be something happening in those few blocks.

Could of been a recent crime and they were looking for someone. Or random looking for visa overstays.

Probably. If it were a biggie Lain would have already been arrested. He wasn’t, so it’s fine.

Did you list this hotel on your customs form that you submitted when clearing customs? Is that how the police knew to check on you?

By that area I mean Banqiao, near 府中站.

I can’t get over the feeling that the reception called the police on me over something stupid. I’d rather want to leave now/tomorrow, but if it was just a simple ID check I suppose it could happen in any other hotel as well.

No, I listed my aunties house (where I initially stayed for my first few days). I moved to this hotel today.

Then as has been suggested it was probably just a police check of the hotel and not related to you specifically.

As long as everything on your end is above board, I wouldn’t worry about it.

They do that sometimes. Even if you were doing something illegal that they knew about, they wouldn’t just come ask to see your passport and leave, so I can’t see what you’d be worried about.

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Thanks for your replies. I’ll try to get some sleep over that tonight.

Wow 0 privacy, no even a phone call fron the hotel desk, how can they go to the doors like this.

If they wanted you, they would have you.

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It’s possible they thought your passport was fake . Many are not familiar with that passport . I had one as well before . No big deal relax you are in the clear whatever they were checking .

Thanks, I’m trying to relax … part of me would still like to know whether it was the reception’s mistrust that caused this. If yes, I’d prefer to leave this hotel …

It’s more probable that the cops don’t trust that hotel, and that it has a reputation.

Spot checks of random guests at hotels is normal everyday stuff here.

I doubt it would ever happen at the Hyatt, or W, though.


I’d say this is 100% because of your NWOHR status.