Police Make Arrest in Religious Institution (Not searching for migrants)

Police entered Taipei Sacred Heart Church Catholic church without consent in May to search for unaccounted-for migrant workers.

84,000 unaccounted for :open_mouth:

Although the church is not a Taipei, it’s in New Taipei Shulin.


I didn’t know one needed consent to enter a church, especially a Catholic church. Aren’t they usually open all day to visitors? I mean, how did the migrants get in?

Are you okay?

They searched.

If they didn’t search of course it’s okay to enter.

What do you mean by “search”? Can’t you pretty much see the whole chapel as soon as you walk in? Besides, isn’t it the police’s job to make periodic unannounced searches of any establishment that hires workers to check their documents? Churches hire employees, do they not?

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Figure it out. Do some research and try to answer the questions that you’re curious about. And let us know.

I’ll give you a hint, they weren’t inquiring about the employees of the church.

“police officers who entered the Sacred Heart Church of Jesus in Taipei’s Shulin District without permission in May, to search for unaccounted-for migrant workers”

If they were checking people’s documents etc. (presumably they must have been) then it’s not like they went in to light a few candles.

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Well, those migrants didn’t go in to light candles either, but to run from police.

Could be! Should have read the article. If they were a fraud ring the cops could break into their grannie’s bedroom for all I care.


The Focus Taiwan news article clears up what really happened, instead of being led down a wrong rabbit hole by Taiwan News.

The police were chasing identified criminal suspects, apprehending one, not merely searching for migrant workers as led to believe by Taiwan News. Taiwanese News wanted us to wrongly think the police were searching the church to find some of the 84,000 missing migrant workers.

"members of a fraud ring sent to pick up money.

The police said all three suspects ran into the church, and they arrested one of them in the church’s stairwell, while the other two got away.

According to the police account of the incident, they did not know before the arrest that the man who was nabbed was a migrant worker".

I hate being misled by news organizations.