Police perp walks

How about that, China’s police steal a march on Taiwan’s. Who would have guessed?[quote=“NYT: China Pushes to End Shaming of Suspects”] The Chinese government has called for an end to the public shaming of criminal suspects, a time-honored cudgel of Chinese law enforcement but one that has increasingly rattled the public.

According to the state-run media, the Ministry of Public Security has ordered the police to stop parading suspects in public and has called on local departments to enforce laws in a “rational, calm and civilized manner.”[/quote]Maybe they’ll take the hint and smarten up here too.

The ‘walk of shame’ is a big staple of the newsy shows here… if they stopped the media would have find other content to replace it with. The media loves the show, and the cops get to look like they are doing something useful. Win-win. Who gives a toss if the (alleged) perp’s rights are trampled or can’t get a fair trial?

Some US and British criminals would love to do the walk. Different cultures I guess but I can imagine a lot of convicts just lovin it!