Police report for entry visa/ARC

I’m married to a Taiwanese and in the USA at the moment.

I contacted TECO (Taipei Economic & Cultural Office) in Los Angeles and they gave me a list of requirements for obtaining an entry visa (needed before you get an ARC).

Unfortunately, the woman I spoke to at TECO didn’t seem sure about the police report. Yes, she says I need one. But didn’t know if that is something I get from my state (New Mexico) government or the US government.

State of New Mexico has their procedure explained well on this web site:


They will issue a “Police Certificate of Good Standing” which is notarized, and there is a procedure to get it apostilled:


Does anyone know if this will satisfy Taiwan’s government for the purpose of getting an entry visa? Or do I need something from the US federal government? And if I need the latter, does anybody know the procedure?

Thanks in advance,

The local police report is good enough. Get it verified from your nearest TECO.
Welcome back, dude!