Police Spying on Foreigners?

I was hanging out outside of Ching Mei MRT station with some of my junior high school students this morning after class. Across a small lane, I noticed a police officer taking photographs with a camera in my general direction. He could have been taking pictures of me, the MRT station exit, or something else … I have no idea … but it was in my general direction.

I have a work permit now for that job (although I didn’t have it immediately when I started the job), so I’m not working there illegally (to my knowledge) … any ideas as to what’s up? Is this common? It seems kind of strange to me …

Most likely someone was illegally parked near where you were standing. They always do that before they tow someone. He could have been taking pictures of something else law related, probably nothing to do with you. Maybe how many people are coming out of the Ching Mei MRT station, the space around it, who knows… Don’t worry.