Police state


I have heard …from a friend who has a friend who is a cop who deals with foreigners…meaning he does the raids on schools etc.

He said that due to the number of illegal foreigners being employed in Taiwan…that from January 8… there is going to be a huge crackdwon on illegal or suspected schools and companies that employ foreigners… and that foreigners will be subject to being stopped by the police and asked for ID…


It might be true but I am convinced that Taiwanese police and Taiwanese authorities won’t do so because it would mean for most english schools to stop business and simply close.
Besides this alarmant point I am not sure taiwanese police is able to set up such an operation and find the 75% of foreigners working illegally…


Having lived in Taiwan a few dozen years, I do recall that crackdowns on foreigners are often undertaken before the Chinese New Year. I suggest that all foreigners be sure to carry their ID documents with them at all times, and to have all work permit documentation up to date and available.


I remember guys coming to my school last year, shortly after Christmas. They actually came again after Chinese New Year. They might want to come and visit us again this year!
Anyway, they didn’t give me the feeling of people really looking for something… Let’s say they did their best not to find any foreigner teacher running out from school still wearing slippers!

By the way, a foreigner found working illegaly will be deported. Am I right? How about his poor foreigner’s employers?