Policing in America

Seriously, why is America allowing people like this to become police officers?

They would not pass psych evaluation in any other country.


It’s big business, for one. The Fox News police state narratives don’t help. It’s a low paying job so it’s gonna attract unskilled people, a lot of them are probably janked on stimulants, have PTSD and/or are coming back from military tours of duty. Love of guns and violence. I dunno I wish I had the answer. It’s really sad and enraging.

Especially when there are so many examples around the world of how to enforce laws without all the violence. Other countries manage.

Especially when police in freaking communist China are unarmed, it should be a call for America to wake up and stop acting like shithole 3rd world countries.

Like seriously every cop in America should be AT LEAST as qualified as FBI agents.

That’s impossible. Too many positions and too few interested.

That’s too bad, but maybe hire fewer officers pay them really well? In Taiwan police officers get about 50,000 a month. But they are also highly qualified, must go through years of training and all that.



If you didn’t know better, you would think that we are experiencing an epidemic of police violence against black men. And, strangely, Minnesota seems to be epicenter of the phenomenon.

The Star Tribune keeps a running toll of deaths resulting from police encounters in Minnesota. For the period 2000 to 2021, the total is 207, of whom 54% were white and 27% were black. Of course, suspect behavior has a lot to do with the likelihood of a fatal encounter with law enforcement. This is evident from the fact that only 3% of those killed by police have been women.

This total of 207 includes many cases–I assume a substantial majority–where the killing was in obvious self-defense, or for other reasons there was no real question about its propriety. Still, even if we take the raw total of 207 deaths, it represents by my calculation around 0.0002 of all deaths in Minnesota during that time period. It seems remarkable that such a tiny number of occurrences have come to play such a major role in our public life.

If there is an epidemic going on, it is perhaps an epidemic of resisting arrest. Daunte Wright, like George Floyd and many others, chose to wrestle with police officers rather than be peacefully arrested. Moreover, as in most cases, including Floyd’s, Wright’s contentious police encounter was consistent with a history of violence.

We learn from the Daily Mail–not the local press–that in addition to the previously-reported weapons violation and fleeing from police officers, Wright was also wanted for attempted armed robbery. He held a gun (probably the same one he brandished on Facebook) to a woman who had been kind enough to give him and a friend a place to stay for the night, and tried to steal her rent money. That outstanding warrant, which could have led to a substantial penitentiary term, likely explains why Wright chose to fight with police officers rather than be taken into custody.

While most people who are killed by police officers are white, it is true that blacks are involved in such encounters at a rate that exceeds their percentage of the population. (Asians, conversely, are statistically unlikely to die in police encounters.) Heather Mac Donald reviews the data and explains why this is true. Along the way, she definitively debunks the myths that are currently driving so much of our political discourse:


Is this supposed to be “well paid”? 50,000 NT$ per month? Even for Taiwan, where Police rarely have to go hands on (though they have their share of danger with traffic, I suppose) that does not seem very well paid based upon what is involved.

And is their training any better than anywhere else? I don’t know really. But when it comes to Policing environments, comparing Taiwan to the U.S. is not the same at all.

Varies widely. Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies,.for example,.average around $125k. Typical starting salary close to $70k (for trainees). Upwards of $300k not unheard of.


I think US police officers should get a break (sometimes). After all, in most developed countries the police will not have to figure the person they approach might be armed, which is a pretty reasonable assumption in America.
Hence the police saying “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”


I don’t know if the police say that any more than anyone else but it’s certainly not just the police.

The Rapper Billy Danzini of M.O.P. screams that at the top of his lungs in this song, and I never knew what it meant. It all makes sense now!

(12) M.O.P. - Stick To Ya Gunz (prod. Dj Premier) - YouTube

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I’ve only heard it in that context, but I suppose it would apply in any case where you have to decide to respond with deadly force or not.

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Yea that is often the argument people say why gun control is necessary, but given all these highly publicized officer involved shootings, do you really think people will want gun control? For gun control to work they need to start with officers first.

There is no easy solution to this.

I don’t really think most people keep guns in preparation for shootouts with cops, do they?

An extremely difficult job but some do not shoot even in horrific circumstances

When the officer tried to engage the suspect through the driver’s side window, the suspect took off “at a high rate of speed” with the officer trapped and hanging from the window, Gifferson said. During the struggle, the suspect hit the officer in the head with a hammer, he said.

Also in Minnesota, three days after Duante Wright was shot

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It may have been hard to shoot when travelling “at a high rate of speed” “trapped and hanging from the window” and being hit “in the head with a hammer” :slight_smile: Maybe.

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And that is why anyone resisting arrest and heading back into their car should be considered armed.

  1. They could be going for a weapon in the car.
  2. The car becomes a weapon.

Even if the officer hadn’t mistaken her gun for a taser, I wouldn’t consider it anything more than an unfortunate incident. I feel sorry for the officers forced to shoot these PoSs.

Find me a cop that agrees with this, or any protocol that corroborates this.

Why? I don’t have anything to prove, and I don’t need the approval of others.