Political Correctness Finally Getting Bashed

This is right up my alley (get it Alien: RIGHT):

Finally, people are realizing that there are such things as FACTS and that they do matter in rational discourse more than FEELINGS, which are subjective and cannot be substantiated and while a necessary part of life do not make a good foundation for JUSTICE.




The pendelum beginning its swing too far to the other side? Yawn.

Dear Freddy red ragger.

Frankly I’m surprised by your trumpeting of this article. I’m no fan of your rants to be sure but I at least grant you that I consider them for the most part considered.

First up the title of your thread. Sorry, but bashing PC is quite old hat. Or should I say it was until that terrible incident two years ago woke the shock jocks from their post Bush election slumber. You included on those odd days when I actually think your posts aren’t an overly protracted hoax.

On to the article. What merit do you find in it? I’m serious. It has very little of substance and whole lot of froth.

I see. Raising one

Dear HG:

Yes, I see your point. I guess I appreciated the fact that people at the upper levels of decision-making were finally addressing the issue of multiculturalism (haha) which basically is a cover for lots of leftwing mumbo jumbo nonsense that takes in only the most foolish of bleeding heart liberals such as Alien. :smiling_imp:

In the future, I shall try my utmost to live up to the high standards that you have set for me. :wink:


Compared to Alien I’m a stark raving Maoist! Got the political spectrum scores to prove it. While its possibly for the best, age has moderated my ranting and I no longer have the bile to play in polemics. But play on!


How shocking that Fox News would ever consider reporting this.

PC practises have been unpopular for over a decade. Its absurdities and contradictions (just like feminism’s) were plain to any thinking person by the late 80’s. And as with feminism, writers and thinkers within the liberal tradition came along years before Fox news, or the Washington post, or Rush Limbagh, to critique, redefine, or outright reject the movement.

Fred Smith: a man on the cutting edge of the early 90’s. :unamused:

Not here at Forumosa.

UCLA Beef wrote:

[quote]Mucha (Muzha) (Muzha) Man wrote:
PC practises have been unpopular for over a decade.

Not here at Forumosa.[/quote]

Well, we’re all a little behind the times here. :slight_smile:

ACLU To Force Name Changes On CA Cities Like San Diego?

Name changes for San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego . . .
next says Zionist-controlled ACLU

LOS ANGELES - Drunk with their victory in Los Angeles County in eliminating the tiny Christian Spanish cross on the county’s seal, the Jewish ACLU said today that they will now seek to change the Christian names of every California city and town. Shlomo Weinstein, ACLU attorney, said today that the Christian names of many California cities and towns violate the separation of church and state. He said the ACLU will attempt to convince the California State Senate and Assembly to legislate name changes voluntarily or face a massive suit in federal court.

Many cities and towns in California were given Christian names by the Catholic Spaniards before the state became Mexican territory. Spanish friars established a series of missions along “El Camino Real” from northern to southern Alta California and into Baja California. Each mission was given names such as “La Mision de San Francisco”, “La Mision de Santa Barbara”, and “La Mision de San Diego” . San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and San Diego were all Catholic Saints. The names stayed and adopted first by the Mexican government and later by the state government after the Mexican-American War that ended in 1848. Now the Jews want to undue the history of the region. It is not known if the Jews will also seek to change the name of the state’s capital. Sacramento, in Spanish, means “sacrament”.

Related La Voz de Aztlan article:


No doubt Smith and co support the Zionist controlled ACLU and thus will support this nonsense…


[quote]Now the Jews want to undue the history of the region. It is not known if the Jews will also seek to change the name of the state’s capital. Sacramento, in Spanish, means “sacrament”.

No doubt Smith and co support the Zionist controlled ACLU and thus will support this nonsense…[/quote]

Is that the kind of shit-for-journalism that you read?

Well, neo-Nazism is politically incorrect, so Cake’s on-topic.

I wouldn’t call it journalism.
I can read between the lines, and that includes the propaganda from fox news that the haves and have mores love so much.

What the piece mentions - about the group of politically correct fascists is what interests me. And it is ironic that non of the GOP lovers make any comment of the prospect of US cities names being changed because some minority groups could find it offensive…which is unbelievable in my book. You give these groups an inch and they will take a foot. And I wouldn’t be surprised if these ‘shysters’ try and claim compensation from it too at some stage…

I also say FUCK the ADL and ACLU…

Funny how the neo nazi card is thrown in. That shows how brain washed people are to the whole jewish thing.

If the word Jew was switched to Muslim nothing would be seen as offensive. Hypocrites anyone who uses that card…


American cities’ names are being changed because of “political correctness”?

And dude, stop bogarting whatever it is you’re on.

Does anyone have the exact material that was suppose to be taught, before the critics lambasted it as being PC and not pro-“American” enough? The article is just a bunch of quotes about teaching material that is not even published yet.