Politically Correct Pickup Lines

Some funny stuff at the link. Pics of John ‘F*kn’ Kerry and drunk babes in bars also.

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  1. They say I have animal attraction because I’m attracted to animals.
  2. Do you dance? Then go dance and let me have a word with your
  3. If you were half as pretty as I am I might continue this conversation.
  4. Wait till I show you my gigantic ego!
  5. You are so metrosexual that I would marry your toaster just to get into
    your family.
  6. Want to come up to my loft and play socialized medicine?


  1. Hi, can I offer you a carbon offset?
  2. Are you always this hot - or did you just release a cloud of global
    warming gases?
  3. Would you come to my place and help me recycle some rubber?
  4. Baby, you so hot, you should be banned under the Kyoto Accords!
  5. Let’s go back to your place and cut back on your carbon imprint.
  6. If we share our body heat, we can lower the thermostat by another ten
    degrees. You do want to save the polar bears, don’t you?

Bush hater:

  1. I’m lonely tonight and it’s Bush’s fault!
  2. Bush lied, and now I’m about to die! Will you take pity on me?
  3. Can I interest you in a discussion about Bush, Dick, and Colin?
  4. Want to see an interpretive dance about impeaching Bush?
  5. Did you know that HBO also stands for Hate Bush Orgasm? Want to find
    out why?
  6. Let’s go down to my Mom’s basement and defeat Bush together.

Leftist professor:

  1. Has anyone told you that you look like Socialism with a human face?
  2. They call me Mao Tse Dong.
  3. Want to practice some diversity after classes?
  4. Is your father Bill Ayers? 'Cause you’re a bomb!
  5. Didn’t I see you in the library - on the cover of Communist Manifesto?
  6. It’s the Che way or the highway.

Democrat Party Strategist:

  1. I’d like your opinion on my poll.
  2. What is your favorite position in the energy crisis debate?
  3. Damn baby, you have more curves than the Democrat Party line.
  4. I promise not to gusher when I drill. I’ll pull out like a good Democrat
    Party plan for Iraq.
  5. Want to go see the Donkey Show in Denver this month?
  6. Turn out the lights and lets play “Find the Speaker.”

Obama supporter:

  1. I’m always the one I’ve been waiting for, but tonight I’m hoping to
    change that!
  2. How’d you like to feel a thrill up your leg?
  3. Why won’t you go out with me? Is it because I don’t look like all those
    other guys you see on dollar bills?
  4. So you’re looking for a guy just like Barack? Stinky feet, snores, can’t
    remember to fold the laundry or put the butter away, or close the bread
    so it doesn’t dry out? I’m your man!
  5. Let me show you my pressure gauge and we’ll see if it gives you more
  6. Free moustache rides with every tuneup. Lift your hood and let’s get


  1. Let’s get hammered and I’ll show you my sickle
  2. I’m the comrade who puts the “pro” into progressive.
  3. Are you up for a few revolutions? 'Cause I’m up for a massive uprising!
  4. Has Nader won the elections? Cause this must be workers’ paradise!
  5. If I say you have a beautiful subsidy would you hold it against me?
  6. I have a five year plan and it includes you. It doesn’t have to be five
    years, one night works for me.


  1. Would you like to be a mote in our vast collective?
  2. It is our duty closely to examine all Party Organs.
  3. We strive for the collective ownership of the means of reproduction.
  4. I’ll show you my collective farm if you bring a girlfriend.
  5. Let’s join efforts and work together for the common good.
  6. Put your hands behind your back and stand still, so we can pick you up!

Old School (Bolshevik):

  1. Do you ride in this box car often?
  2. Is this the Lubyanka? You have my heart locked up.
  3. Care to come to my dacha and plant some turnips?
  4. I’ve got an All-Russia Congress of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviets in
    my pants, and you’ve just been nominated to the Central Committee!
  5. I’m a Commissar, I can make good things happen for you or I can have
    bad things happen. Which shall it be?
  6. The State said we have to… Is required.[/quote]

Ya gotta do what ya gotta go…

Sorry man, but these are kinda lame/not funny.

Ugg! Me like woman! (whacks woman over head with club)

Pardon my wide stance! (tap tap tap)

Mormon fundy
Sex is a terrible carnal sin! Say, kid, howd’ja like to join my harem? :howyoudoin:

Republican at the height of his career
Would you like freedom fries with that?

Hey, baby, I’d like to go drilling in your reserves! :howyoudoin:

White power!

Have you accepted Christ as your personal savior, baby?

Gun nut
They say size matters. Well, I got it where it counts, baby! (pulls out Magnum 44)

Is that a tire guage in your pocket?