Politically Loaded Terms: A Call for New Terminology

Well, as you might imagine, even going to Harvard or MIT doesn’t make you good, depends on what you do inside and outside. How many harvardians are not the best kid in the block?

About terminology, instead of WSR and BSR, can we just call them “people”? “Human”? “ladies & gents”?

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A very relevant observation. My response to “But China is going to ‘liberate’ Taiwan tomorrow!!!” is usually “China hasn’t finished ‘liberating’ China yet!”

However, this wrangling over political terminology should be accompanied by effective administration of the country. Then it has meaning. It is mature and considered existential reflection. Without actually bothering to run the country, all this frankly communist-style “nomenklatura” is just an everlasting wankathon. From where I am standing, the CCP is watching with glee as Taiwan self-destructs, and the population shrugs and either relocates its business to China, or wonders if the CCP really could be any worse than this shower of tosspots that have been inflicted upon Taiwan since the 1940s.

They may indeed be a right shower but really? People think they are worse than the party that brought you Tiananmen Square? I reckon ChenShui Bien (or God save us even the KMT) would have to do a lot worse to plumb those depths. It’s this kind of thinking that is going to have Taiwan sleepwalking into the jaws of the tiger.