POLL - Forumosans not in TW

I know there are some rough areas, but I would fairly love to live in San Francisco. The bay seems like a great part of America.

yes its among the very best places America has to offer. And it is very pretty. But I miss TAiwan and more so its ladies :laughing:

Don’t we know it.
Now please show us your other facets. We grow weary of ‘dog with two dicks’.

Im in Taipei right now on business/vacation trip for a few more days and then back to the desert, Phoenix AZ. This trip really validated my decision to move back to the USA. The weather here is ridiculous. I always felt like my life was being wasted away during all the weeklong rain storms and thats what I felt again on this trip. If your an indoor type of person then maybe but I could not accept this type of indoor lifestyle for weeks at a time. So depressing. Cant wait to get back to the sunshine.

Ya, a good buddy from England came over once in all that rain and said he will never complain about rain again in England. :laughing:

Taiwan really does know how to rain. Its got that to a science !

east st.louis, illinois, USA

Rough area, I had a friend that grew up there.

there are good parts of town as wholesome as anywhere on earth. some folks i know here haven’t locked their doors in decades. five minutes from downtown stl and at the center of all the culture (?) hereabouts.

My bro had two of his dogs shot, so people could get to his car on two different occasions, house broken into multiple times, friends shot, etc… I knew a couple of other people that lived down there and there was some bridge that they refused to cross into east stl. I don’t remember the name of the bridge, I have been through STL it seems alright but, I have heard a few horror stories too. So which East STL are you in?

apologies to the originator of this thread for going off topic.

i live in the part that is heavily hispanic. it is called fairmont city. yes, many of my friends from st.louis refuse to cross the river.

New York, NY

Christchurch, New Zealand

Greetings from sunny Melbourne Australia…
Home of AC/DC Lane (really!)
How about a global Forumosa HH. I suggest Young and Jacksons pub as the venue…

I’m in Taiwan. About to leave. Is there anyone who left Taiwan who went back to their lives and DON’T miss Taiwan? I hear so many stories about people longing for and missing Taiwan. It’s a little scary when I think about going back. Also, what did people go back to?

No doubt there are those who went back and never gave Taiwan another thought. But they are unlikely to be posters or readers of forumosa though.

After a year, I’m still reading F.com. That says a lot! The only chance of my moving back to live is if Mrs 914 is offered an expat package we can’t refuse. But that likely won’t be in Taiwan.

I do miss Taiwan. And Forumosa keeps me up to date on everything going on there. I even learned of the Typhoon Krosa from this site. But not enough to drop everything here and move there. Visiting is always nice! Sometimes wide streets, traffic-obeying, clean sidewalks just kinda get to you, you know? Need a change of scenery to recharge.

A wise person once said to me having something to look forward to makes it much easier to let go of the past. I’m moving to a different country in the new year so that’s something great to look forward to.

For us who are not in Taiwan anymore but come back to F.com, it’s our main connection to everyday goings-on there…we may have left Taiwan but Taiwan never left us!

I would have missed Taiwan a lot if I went back home to the USA. But, I came to the UAE instead. I didn’t like Taiwan much when I was living there, but I do miss:

  1. My friends
  2. The expat social scene
  3. My balcony in my old apartment…great views and awesome weekend BBQs
  4. Not having to go through Ramadan for a month :help: It is killing me!!!

I much prefer the UAE to Taiwan overall, but as I lived in Taiwan for over 6 years, it is still a huge part of me and Forumosa is a wonderful connection to that. Taiwan will always be a major part of my past; the experiences I had and friends I made there will stay with me forever. Even the bad experiences, I can look back and laugh at those now…:laughing:

Honestly I am leaving Taiwan because I am sick of it currently. I know it can wear a person down, and they leave. But does anyone else have that experience (getting fed up with the place) and just deciding it was no longer for them, left and THEN regretted it later? Or did you leave because of obligation?

I suppose even if I regret my move, I will stick it out and stay in the states because it is my home and I am tired of being transient. I am looking forward to the next stage of my life back in the USA. Perhaps I am too hopeful (given the current job situation) but I am still optimistic.

you could come back to TAiwan, so whats the worry?

…or you could go somewhere else. Why not try a different place? There is so much out there!!! I wish I had many more lifetimes to live and work around the globe in as many places as possible.