Poll: Has your building covered lift buttons and doors in plastic?

  • Yes
  • No

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Has your building or work covered lift buttons and doors in plastic?

It’s not to protect us, it’s to protect their precious buttons now that we’re being advised to use keys, etc. Instead of touching them.



Yes, and I never saw them cleaning. Maybe once a day I would guess, since they put in the memo but never saw anyone actually doing it.

Well it turns out that plastic is one of the worst materials you can use. Especially since they make things like Copper tape.


I don’t think that’s the case.
It’s aiming to protect the buttons, yes, but that’s because there’s also an alcohol spray nearby. You can use it before touching the button, to clean it just in case a sick person touched it before.

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Mine has some weird covering. It’s not plastic. Apparently they change it twice a day. I’m still not touching it with anything but my keys or the wife.

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My place has a chemical spray and a plastic cover over the buttons.

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Fuck that diluted “chemical spray” and plastic cover. I’m still not touching it with my pristine hands.

My building makes everyone put a plastic wrap across their ass before they get on the elevator.

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No alcohol or spray whatsoever in my place

I use my knuckles, I’m a knucklehead. .

That could get pretty explosive.

Many places have some liquid dispenser near the entrance but I haven’t seen one in or near an elevator yet.

They don’t want us keying up their buttons, that’s all there is to it.

Or Maybe we’re just not that high-tech in the south.


I don’t have an elevator

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