[Poll] How Long Will DJ Trump Stay in Office?



I’d say your politics is wacky then comes the wacky media.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.


Well, Hamlet’s politics are pretty wacky, and I’m guessing they’ve been that way for many years, so you may have a point. I guess it’s one of those chicken and egg things.


First free media and then Democracy or first Democracy and then free media.
Four more years of Donald Trump and you will not have a chicken nor an egg.

When it comes to being wacky, I’ve been Trumped by someone in the white house.


Hillary’s constituency:

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

The butthurt never ends


Roland, put some Vaseline on it.


If the report is accurate, they plan to repeat the spell “every crescent moon” until he’s out of office. How many moons are there in a four year term?


Good luck.

[quote]Thou hast obeyed the Law. But mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.[/quote]-Rule of Three, Wicca


Rule of Three: the very definition of disproportionality. Any electrical engineer can tell you why it’s a bad idea. Way to make all relationships go off the rails with unrelenting drama. On the ‘nice’ side: you get taken advantage of. On the nasty side: escalating violence. Just bad all around.

At least The Donald appreciates the principle of proportionate response. The Rule of Unity Gain is the way to keep sane.


The answer is “many moons.” Wiccans have trouble counting past the number of fingers and toes they have.


Many moons…


Hey, this is just an opinion of what would happen. But don’t you think the poll should be a secret ballot? I don’t like the idea of reporting who believes what when it comes to polls.


I don’t mind.
By the way, I hope it will 8 years of Donald followed by Ivanka 2024 as first female president.


Hamlet, freedom of press doesn’t mean they are immune to criticism.

Trump has done nothing to curb their rights to speak, they will speak. He has criticized them for acting as political hacks for the Democrat Party simply parroting their talking points rather than journalists who investigate truth, he has banned 4 of them from his press conference as he is under no obligation to give them a venue at the White House, he misses the Correspondent dinner. This is not curbing the freedom of press. He is only responding to them.


He’s wounded their sense of entitlement and their moral narcissism. They’re fighting for their egos, which they see as their souls. They sold their souls long ago, but they won’t sell their egos so cheaply.

This is a fight to the death.


One hundred days in, Fox still loves the Donald! :heart_eyes:


If they want a civil war, they’d better be up to the fight.


In what world is it believed that if corporations took over 100% of government agencies and activities, would it be seen that they would uphold rights? Rights exist only as far as corporations and private companies see fit. There is no Freedom of Anything in the corporate world.

There is literally no such thing as a truly free market. Even libertarians would recognize that. Monopolies are the natural end to an unregulated market. Libertarians argue the contrary, but they know good and well, that is what would happen, for better or worse. If someone comes along and finds a better way to make or do something, then established businesses will do what they can to rid themselves from the competition. So much for free market, huh?


Are you drunk? I’m struggling to get my head around this contradictory, rambling paragraph.


Yep. While the liberals have been screaming bloody murder in the streets and bashing people with bike locks, the conservatives have been stockpiling ammo and practicing at the shooting range.


Certainly many oligopolies that’s for sure. Taiwan’s Asia Cement and Taiwan Cement spring to mind with their 75% market share and 90% tariffs on China cement