POLL: Is the CCP (Communist China) technically a terrorist organization?

Objectively, without bias. Is the CCP a terrorist organization?

Some, but certainly not all, examples:

Maus Great famine
Hong kong
Forced sterilizations (child policy)
Forced labor
Social credit system

Some definitions of terrorist organizations:


Note, this poll is about China and the CCP ownership of it. Not about other countries which may also be terrorists.

Is the CCP’s China a terrorist entity?

  • Yes, the CCP’s China is a terrorist entity
  • No, the CCP’s China is not a terrorist entity
  • I am too scared of prosecution to cast a vote (Yes by proxy…)
  • They are justified in their terrorist-like actions so get a pass (Yes, but justified)

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Do you really expect any of us to click anything except the first option? Clicking the fourth option is tantamount to treason.


Second Poll, are you a traitor of Taiwan…

just kidding.

but yes, I know a few people who are literally full on ok with CCP and their “work”.

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I feel like CCP is like the USA pre 60’s as a non-white, but I never lived pre 60’s nor communist country.

Of course they aren’t. They are the legitimate rulers of China.

They do use terror to enforce their will, but they aren’t terrorists.


countrys’ governments * can be terrorists. see links for descriptions.

If they are sponsoring it outside their borders. China doesn’t do that.

Except when they do.


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Are you sure?

Then the whole world is a terrorist group. Every power does that one way or another.



When they start blowing up planes or bombing civilian buildings I’ll change my mind.


I was way ahead of you on that :wink: This thread is about china…

Tibet is China.

Terrorism can be domestic.

Not when it’s done by the government IMO.

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by opinion or by definition? I think this is exactly the nitty gritty that will create great discussion. If terrorism is defined by an act, the group doing the act is (in an unbias definition) not a factor.

Ok, so I’m starting to self censor now, just in case

Borders change man. dont sweat the genocides here and there…

Technically China hasn’t invaded anyone in I don’t know how long, while America is sending people to prison for exposing the war crimes they committed overseas.