POLL: Is the CCP (Communist China) technically a terrorist organization?

Philadelphia police bombed their own city’s neighborhood back in 85. 11 died. By you guys definition, this would make US government (Philly police particularly) terrorist, but I doubt the world would consider this terrorism. B/c you know it’s the super power and democratic nation.

Yes, other countries may well be classed as such too. But, please remember this isnt about other countries, it is about the CCP era of China.

Happy to have this conversation in another thread about other countries.

so again, so bold text:

So far the CCP is currently terrorising their own people (domestic terrorism) . They are also Doing this to Taiwan, and have done this in the past as well. This time they sent missiles.into Japanese territory. That alone isnt necessarily terrorism, but it is international.

expectation fulfilled. That’s why it is good to ask, then discuss.

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I took a Tibetan history class in college. Tibet broke away from any relations with the Han people around the time Buddhism moved into China from India. For all the “Mandarin Chinese is a language and everything else in Chinese is a dialect because we said so and look at our writing system it’s the same everywhere in China” that CCP shills will throw at you, Tibetan uses a phonetic script. We’re going back almost to proto-languages if we want to find cognates between Mandarin and Tibetan. Portugal has more claim over India than the CCP does over Tibet if you want to talk about culture and language having anything to do with one another anytime in recent (last 5000+ years) of human history.

Since Tibet and Vietnam, they have occupied Indian claimed territory in the Himalayas

There are two definitions for terrorists.

One is a non-state actor that commits acts of violence for political purposes.

The other is any actor that accomplishes its purposes by striking fear in a population.

Bhutan, too.


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So, by definition, the answer is either “no” (in the first case) or “yes” in the second.



I’d expand the first to include state sponsors of terrorist acts like Iran.

The second is too general. Any organization/government even airing scare mongering commercials would be a terrorist then.

So yes, they fit the profile as terrorists. Another definition does not make the other void.

Hot means spicy, doesnt mean the temperature is not hot.