Poll: Is this offensive?

I thought Uncle Ben was cartoon , on Spiderman movies? Why is this one not good or offensive? The Wong one is bad offensive I think, I thought this is a new company,


Golden brown and sweet as molasses.

I preferred Uncle Remus’ syrup though. Bring it back!

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I found some other old coffee ads depicting minorities in order to compare and contrast.

Also, since your friend’s coffee will be sold in Europe, I don’t think anyone will give a rat’s ass.

They still have the Christmas tradition of Sinterklaas and his trusty assistant Zwarte Piet and that tradition hasn’t been cancelled, yet.

Nothing quite captures the spirit of Christmas like white folks in black face!

You misunderstood completely. It has nothing to do with Christmas.

Yeah…I know.

The reason for the season is the Winter Solstice.

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Is that the kind with opium in it?

This brand is embarrassment here. not sure local Taiwan brand or from elsewhere.

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The Wong Brothers thing isn’t real. Some dumb Abercrombie & Fitch edgelord humor from the early 2000s.

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I was thinking about opening up a traditional Taiwanese dumpling shop with my buddy in Seattle and naming it “Wong Bros Dumplings” Slogan - Two Wongs Can Make It Right!"

Two big white guys with the surname Wong. How long do you think we would last?

Regarding the Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt. There was a huge uproar over it and a big Wall Street Journal article was written. It was determined that the white population were wringing their hands and were in an uproar over it, but the Asian American population didn’t give a crap and in fact were in a hurry to purchase the shirts before they were all pulled from the shelves. Even I’ve got one!

Pure ribbon cane sugar and corn syrup. You have to add your own “specialities”!

I’m with the African goat eating raw coffee fruits. And the animated cartoon ad ideas are endless. Kind of like a speedy Gonzalez of the African goat world high on caffeine.

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He may be implying they don’t grow it.

But these people seem to be growing it, as far as I know:

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images (2)

images (3)

For historical reasons, it seems the goat has been done a lot

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Speedball. :sweat_smile:

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coffee originated in the middle east, hence why it has virtually the same pronunciation in almost every language.

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White face?


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