Poll on who will prepare your LNY 2023 meal

Continuing the @PeiHua-Connie tradition with a fresh poll, how are your meals this year?

  • Yourself
  • Takeaway meal
  • Family member will cook
  • Eat out somewhere
  • A friend will cook
  • other

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Hope you had also great meal this year !

Saw lots of take away, prepared meals this year, photo at Thai place at S.O.G.O (look at the tables, with stacks of dishes). I will eat home food soon, late dinner waiting for few late arrivals


Huge trade in frozen prepared new years meals these days, reheated on the night.

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I chose “Yourself” and “other”, because I did cook but it wasn’t really a “LNY 2023 meal” (Yorkshire puddings, mashed potatoes, and chicken, and later made matcha blondies).

Didn’t want to ruin the day with cold Taiwanese food! :sweat_smile:


I had reheated leftovers that was cooked last night with some new items. Some good Taiwanese homemade food, but lots of leftovers will last a few days. This year no newspaper covered table top, nice to eat on the real wood table.

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When is this auspicious meal supposed to be eaten?

Since I think I’m the only person to select Takaway.
We had a large takeaway box from a wedding venue / hotel. Plus a couple of extra cooked dishes.
Way too much!


Eating at Elbonia’s favourite restaurant.

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Happy insect chicken?





Did you have the signature chicken?

Thanks for the refresh ! Seems a bit more had meals with family and friends.
My leftovers with drink from England

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New years Eve, with left overs till now.